Drew Sidora’s sister speaks out about LeBron James relationship, clears up timeline

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Drew Sidora has her LeBron James dating story confirmed by her sister.
Drew Sidora claimed to have dated LeBron James, and her sister says it’s true. Pic credit: Bravo

Drew Sidora is really shaking things up this season on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Her storyline mainly focuses on attempting to resolve the issues with her husband, Ralph, to keep their marriage on track.

Amid her relationship drama, Drew is also in the middle of a brewing feud with newcomer Sanya Richards-Ross and is attempting to jumpstart her fitness program.

Unfortunately for Drew, none of these things have gotten more attention than her claims that she was once involved with a well-known basketball star.

Drew’s sister addresses the LeBron James controversy

A recent episode of RHOA has caused Drew to be in the center of some messy gossip involving one of the biggest professional athletes today.

As the group got together for a night out, they played a lighthearted game asking each other who was the most famous they’ve dated or has hit on them in a flirtatious way. When it was Drew’s turn, she said she dated a well-known NBA player.

Drew said she was at a restaurant when she received a drink from “a certain King of the NBA.” She also claims he flew her out to attend his games, and the two dated for a short while. The ladies quickly picked up that she was referring to LeBron James, who is often called “King James” by basketball fans.

Drew’s timeline of events didn’t sit right with many, as most people recall LeBron and his wife, Savannah, being together since high school. To clear up any misconceptions, Drew’s sister, Allison, decided to come to her rescue.

Allison posted a video addressing Drew’s claims. She backs up Drew’s story, saying she recalls her sister and LeBron dating, talking on the phone often, and even joining Drew when she attended his games. She says LeBron is a great person, and his relationship with Drew took place in 2003, long before he was married.

She reiterates that there was no affair, and their relationship was not a secret. She also encourages people to Google their relationship for more proof. Allison defends Drew, saying she would never date a married man, and feels the internet is trying to discredit her accomplishments with this scandal.

Drew is working to save her marriage

Since being on the show, fans have watched Drew fight to save her marriage to Ralph. After discovering a questionable dynamic between Ralph and his assistant, Drew struggles to trust her husband.

She also has a problem with the way he speaks to her at times. Drew admits they don’t communicate in the best way, and it creates more tension in their relationship. At one point, they seemed to be improving but have since fallen back into old ways.

Despite their troubles, they haven’t given up on one another just yet. They have decided to try marriage counseling to get to the root of their issues. Drew shared on the show that she wants her marriage to work and will do what she can to save it.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on Bravo.

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