Does Lily get fired on Below Deck Med?

Lily Davison on Below Deck Med
Lily has struggled since joining Below Deck Med Season 8. Pic credit: Bravo

Does Lily on Below Deck Med get fired? That’s the question on Below Deck Med fans’ minds after the new Season 8 stew isn’t pulling her weight.

Lily came in to replace Natalya Scudder and has struggled since boarding the Mustique yacht.

The first charter was a short one, so Lily got a chance to get her feet wet.

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However, a drunken crew night out saw Lily so hungover the next day she couldn’t work and was throwing up.

Captain Sandy Yawn had to wrangle her out of bed, with Lily not even knowing who the captain was.

Now, as Lily’s work basically stinks, Kyle Viljoen, Tumi Mhlongo, and Jessika Asai are ready for her to be gone.

Does Lily on Below Deck Med get fired?

In the mid-season trailer, Jessika goes off to Tumi about Lily not being able to do laundry or anything else. Later, Captain Sandy has to have a talk with Lily, warning her that time’s just about up for the new stew.

Jessika complaining and Captain Sandy chatting with Lily are featured in the preview for the next episode of Below Deck Med. Lily doesn’t feel like she can win, especially as Tumi makes her frustration known.

There’s no question that Below Deck Med wants fans to believe Lily gets fired. Honestly, though, with only a couple of charters left and a handful of episodes, chances are Tumi and Jessika will find a way to work with Lily.

After all, Tumi doesn’t want to be man down. The chief stew made that clear when she revealed she was trying to keep Kyle calm so he wouldn’t leave because she needed him.

Then again, Natalya does return in the mid-season trailer. Perhaps Lily gets fired, and Natalya comes back to help out.

Lily Davison promotes Below Deck Med stint amid on-screen drama

Those looking for hints about Lily’s future on Below Deck Med won’t get them from her. The stew took to Instagram after the drama-filled episode to show the fun side of her time on the show.

In a video with Jessika, have some fun to Ke$ha’s song Tik Tok with Lily referring to them as “Cabin Queens” in the caption.

Lily also shared an IG post featuring her pal chef Jack Luby in a couple of photos with a caption that read, “Just here trying to spread some banter through the black pearl 🏴‍☠️ 🤣.”

Below Deck Med fans will have to keep watching to see if Lily Davison gets fired.

What we do know is that Kyle Viljoen and Natalya Scudder recently shared a shocking friendship update. That and as Monsters and Critics previously reported, Natalya revealed where she stands with her boyfriend AJ.

Do you think Lily will last the rest of the season?

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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