Does Delaney Evans keep in touch with her Below Deck Med cast members?

How does Delaney Evans feel abouut the Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6
Delaney has opened up about life after Below Deck Med and her feelings toward the crew. Pic credit: Bravo

Delaney Evans has revealed if she keeps in touch with her Below Deck Mediterranean cast members following her brief stint on the show.

There’s no question the vibe on the Lady Michelle was awkward from the second Delaney step aboard the luxury yacht. Things didn’t get easier when Lexi Wilson befriended Delaney, and chief stew Katie Flood hinted on day one that she didn’t want to keep Delaney around.

Now that Delaney’s time has come to an end, she has been spilling the tea on her experience. Delaney already admitted the crew was not welcoming at all. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t in touch with some of them.

Which Below Deck Med cast members does Delaney Evans speak to?

Despite the strenuous situation on Below Deck Mediterranean, Delaney kind of keeps in touch with her crew members. In a recent interview with Bravo Insider, the stew got candid about who she talks to these days.

“I mean, I’ve had, like, a little bit of back-and-forth on Instagram with David and a little bit with Mat. Not much. I told the girls, like, ‘Oh my God, that photo’s so pretty,’ a few times, but we really haven’t talked too much,” Delaney expressed.

The reason she isn’t in contact that much with the crew is simply because she didn’t develop friendships. Delaney was only part of the team for five days, and it wasn’t a great time for her.

“I think I just didn’t really develop those relationships as deeply as the rest of the crew members had with each other. So, no, I don’t really keep in contact with them,” the red-headed beauty said.

Delaney doesn’t harbor any ill will toward the crew. She wishes them nothing but the best. Occasionally Deaney shares photos of her with them on social media.

Thanks to a recent Q&A Instagram session, Below Deck Med fans know Delaney still feels the experience with the crew was not ideal. Delaney also thinks the show did a good job of showing the crew’s true colors.

Delaney thinks crew was depicted correctly.
Pic credit: @delaneyeva/Instagram

Will Delaney be at Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 reunion show?

The other day Andy Cohen teased the Below Deck Med Season 6 reunion show. Lexi has repeatedly said she won’t attend the virtual event.

Delaney has revealed she will be in attendance. She hinted fans will learn how she genuinely feels about Katie Flood letting her go. The chief stew opted not to have Delaney return after Lexi Wilson was fired, which will be addressed too.

Delaney talks Katie and reunion show.
Pic credit: @delaneyeva/Instagram

While her stint on Below Deck Mediterranean wasn’t the best, Delaney Evans kind of keeps in touch with the crew.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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