Did you know that Andrew Spencer is Clay Harbor’s cousin?

Andrew S wears a turtleneck on The Bachelorette
Andrew S follows in his cousin, Clay’s footsteps. Pic credit: ABC

For The Bachelorette Season 17 fan favorite, Andrew Spencer, being a part of The Bachelor franchise is a family affair.

It turns out Andrew S and Bachelor in Paradise star, Clay Harbor, have more in common than just being professional football players, as they are actually cousins.

Having a family member as experienced with The Bachelor franchise as Clay, certainly seems to be a valuable asset for Andrew.

His cousin offered guidance on how to make the most of this unique dating experience. 

Andrew follows Clay’s advice 

So far on this season of The Bachelorette, Andrew has been praised for his humor, heart, honesty, and desire to stay out of drama and just be strictly focused on Katie.

It seems Andrew S took Clay’s advice on how to conduct himself on the show. Clay spoke with US Weekly on what’s great about his cousin and revealed what he told Andrew he should do to succeed on the show.

Clay shared, “He’s hilarious. I just told him to be himself, make her laugh, and just go out there and have fun.”

Andrew has managed to make Katie laugh quite a bit, whether it’s through using his fake accent or bringing her a platter of tacos and her favorite treats. As time goes on, Andrew certainly appears to be capturing Katie’s heart and being present for every moment. 

Clay told Andrew to wear his heart on his sleeve 

Being present and open is another bit of advice Clay gave his cousin.

Clay’s advice included stating, “It’s a cool experience. And you know just try to be as open as possible because it’s such a fast process. You got to kind of wear your heart on your sleeve a little more than you would in the real world.” 

Andrew has continued to wear his heart on his sleeve, using his precious time with Katie to be vulnerable about the experiences from his past, including coming from a lower-income family and the difficulties in his own parents’ relationship. 

On the most recent episode, Andrew got to go on a coveted one-on-one date with Katie, and his candid discussion about the realities of interracial dating received an outpouring of love and appreciation from fans

Andrew shared about the pain of dating a white ex-girlfriend who wasn’t open to the idea of having biracial kids, and he felt relieved to learn that Katie is more than open to having biracial children with him. 

As Andrew S. continues to follow Clay’s advice of being both humorous and heartfelt, it seems he’ll go far with Katie and, according to the promos, Andrew and Katie’s love story looks like it’ll be an emotional ride going forward. 

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC

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