Did Uncle Nino from Jersey Shore die? Nope, Vinny’s Uncle Sal passed away though

Who is Uncle Nino on Jersey Shore Family Vacation?
Vinny’s Uncle Nino visited the Jersey Shore Family Vacation house in Miami

Uncle Nino is a Jersey Shore legend. So it stands to reason that Jersey Shore Family Vacation viewers freaked out a little bit when they learned that Vinny’s uncle died.

It turns out that Vinny did lose an uncle but it wasn’t the colorful and over-the-top Uncle Nino. Instead, it was Nino’s brother Sal, which is still very sad.

Vinny learned about the passing of his uncle Sal on Jersey Shore Family Vacation when producers woke him up to share the sad news. Considering how close Vinny’s family is, it should surprise no one that he immediately packed up to head back home.

Uncle Nino was watching the show last night when Vinny was alerted about Uncle Sal’s passing, though. He made sure to comment on the moment, which also let fans know that it wasn’t him who had passed away.

“For all Jersey Shore fans out there tonight watching the show .! It took me by surprise watching my brother’s picture my brother Sal it was hard to look at,” Uncle Nino wrote. “But beautiful to see his face on TV. I miss him so much every night. And all day long we were so close apart I miss him.”

RIP Uncle Sal.

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