Did The Bachelor producers cut Susie Evans’ personality out of the show?

Susie Evans
Did Susie Evans get the shaft during production? Pic credit: ABC

Susie Evans went from fan-favorite on Clayton Echard’s season, to  potential Bachelorette edits mid-season, to leaving the show, to Clayton winning her back but then leaving Iceland alone, to now being Clayton’s girlfriend.

It was a whirlwind of a season for Clayton, Susie, the final two women Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia, and Bachelor Nation alums and fans.

But now viewers, along with Susie herself, are wondering … Did Bachelor production cut out Susie’s personality through editing during this season?

What did Bachelor Nation fans and Susie Evans herself have to say about this?

One viewer in particular posted to Twitter after listening to Susie’s podcast episode of the Viall Files, with Bachelor Nation alum, Nick Viall.

She tweeted, “I think the Nick Viall podcast with Susie was worth a listen. I’m convinced they edited out her entire personality on #TheBachelor.”

Susie responded back and agreed with a meme of Adam Sandler turning his head back and forth and pointing to himself, as she captioned it, “Hahaha me watching the whole season like…”

That same fan then replied with yet another tweet in support of Susie, as she commented, “Oh hey Susie! Yeah I feel llike that one podcast showed us more than the entire season!”

Pic credit: @AshTalksBach/Twitter

For the entire episode of Susie on the Viall Files with Nick Viall, click here.

How did Susie and Clayton Echard get where they are today?

Susie and Clayton have had quite the wild ride. From the backlash and criticism that Clayton faced from Bachelor Nation fans and alum and the alleged gas lighting of Susie, to Susie leaving, it wasn’t easy.

After Clayton told Gabby and Rachel about Susie leaving, and the fact that he loved both of them and was intimate with both of them, the girls’ hearts were broken. While he eventually connived them both into staying, he eventually broke their hearts again later on.

Clayton then had his final two women, Gabby and Rachel, meet his parents, but after a conversation with his mom and dad, Clayton felt like he couldn’t leave or make a decision without closure with Susie. He even made the comment that he couldn’t get Susie off his mind.

After breaking up with Gabby and Rachel in a joint break-up, despite more criticism from fans, Clayton went after Susie, whom he had said he “loved the most.”

While Susie rejected his proposal in Iceland and left him standing there alone, she did slide into his DMs when she got home. After that, the two started talking late into the night, eventually met up, and then appeared on After The Final Rose together as a couple. Clayton has now moved to Virginia Beach to live with Susie.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus.

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