Did Robyn Brown use Christine, Meri, and Janelle for their money? Sister Wives fans weigh in

Robyn is accused of using Kody’s ex-wives for their money. Pic credit: Discovery+

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has begged Kody Brown’s other wives to stick around despite their troubled marriages.

Four women sharing a husband is certainly no easy task, but Robyn has claimed it’s what she’s always wanted.

Robyn and Kody have ended up in a monogamous marriage off-screen, as Sister Wives fans know, but we’re still watching the demise of Kody’s marriages to his other wives play out on-screen.

With Christine already out of the picture, Robyn has been fighting for her polygamous dream of sharing Kody with Meri and Janelle for the rest of her life.

In recent episodes, we’ve watched Robyn turn on the waterworks while pleading with Kody, Meri, and Janelle to work out their marital issues.

A recent clip from Sister Wives, shared by TLC on Instagram, showed Kody talking about the dying “flame” between himself and Meri and himself and Janelle and how Robyn has pushed him to fix his relationships with each of them.

Kody even admitted that Robyn is the love of his life, leaving Sister Wives fans to wonder: why are Meri and Janelle even considering sticking around, and why does Robyn keep pushing to keep them there?

In the comments section of the post, there were more than a few Sister Wives viewers who showed up to share their opinions about why Robyn is so adamant about trying to keep Meri and Janelle on board in their plural marriage.

Sister Wives viewers say Robyn Brown begged Meri and Janelle to stay because she wanted their money

One such viewer questioned why Robyn wants Kody to fix his relationships with the other wives. Other Sister Wives fans chimed in, with many of them sharing the same hypothesis: Robyn wants Kody’s other wives’ money.

“Because they pay for her lifestyle lol,” surmised one Instagram user.

sister wives fans comment on instagram about robyn's reasons for asking kody's exes to stay
Sister Wives viewers weigh in on why Robyn begged Kody’s other wives to stay. Pic credit: @tlc/Instagram

Another felt Robyn was adamant about not letting Meri or Janelle slip away “cuz of the paychecks.”

“Its all about the money,” wrote another Sister Wives viewer.

“I’m sure it’s because the show is their source of income,” commented another. “Without the other wives it’s over for them financially.”

Robyn caused a major shakeup in the Brown family

Robyn has often come under fire for not working but hiring a nanny for her and Kody’s two young children, Solomon and Ariella.

In the early years of their polygamous marriage — long before Robyn came along in 2010 — Christine, Janelle, and Meri pitched in and split their time when it came to earning an income and taking care of their children.

So when Robyn hired a nanny to take care of her kids and wasn’t even working outside the home, it irked the other sister wives — particularly Christine, whose question, “What does the nanny do?” became the most iconic line in Sister Wives history.

Earlier this season, Christine called out Robyn for hiring paid help during a confessional.

“When she decided to get a nanny, it really was a line,” Christine admitted. “It really was a line in the sand.”

Sister Wives airs on Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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