Christine Brown mocks Robyn and Kody Brown hiring a nanny in a shade-throwing T-shirt to promote business

Christine and Robyn Brown IG selfies
Christine took a jab at Robyn and her ex, Kody. Pic credit: @christine_brownsw/@robyn_browns_nest/Instagram

What does the nanny do? It’s a question that Sister Wives fan-favorite Christine Brown coined that went viral and will go down in history as the best one-liner from the series.

Christine questioned her ex-husband Kody Brown and his current wife Robyn Brown’s reasons for hiring a nanny during Season 16.

While the rest of Kody’s then-wives handled their family lives without the help of outside childcare, Robyn was getting help at home with her kids even though she wasn’t working outside the home, which didn’t sit well with Christine.

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Since then, Christine’s remark has become so popular that it’s even been printed on t-shirts — who remembers when Christine and Kody’s son, Paedon Brown, sported one in a TikTok video?

Although Christine has since moved on from Kody and plural marriage and is engaged to David Woolley, she still got in a shot at her former polygamous spouses.

In a recent Instagram video advertising Plexus – the MLM she promotes as part of her work as a social media influencer – some of Christine’s eagle-eyed fans noticed that a shirt she was wearing in some of the shots read, “What. Does. The Nanny. Do?”

Christine Brown just threw some major shade at Kody and Robyn Brown

Over on Reddit, one Sister Wives viewer posted a screenshot from the video with a clear look at Christine’s t-shirt in their post captioned, “Christine’s throwing shade with her shirt in her new MLM ad on IG.”

Sister Wives viewers responded to the shade thrown by Christine with mixed reactions.

Many Sister Wives viewers are loving Christine’s jab at Kody and Robyn

There were many Redditors who commented on Christine’s “brilliant” marketing technique, praising her for finding happiness after years of despair.

“Love it!” wrote one of Christine’s supporters. “Glad she got out of [there] and is finally truly happy.”

sister wives viewers on reddit react to christine brown's t-shirt
Most Sister Wives viewers loved Christine’s t-shirt. Pic credit: u/coffee-and-crochet/Reddit

Another Redditor applauded Christine’s growth, while others admittedly “cringed and laughed” at her jab, and one pondered, “This is one of the questions for the ages cause i wanna know too.”

While Christine’s gesture was met with plenty of support from Sister Wives fans, some felt she was out of line and needs to leave Kody in her past.

Christine’s critics think she needs to leave Kody where he belongs – in her past

One such critic accused Christine of wearing the T-shirt as a marketing ploy to “recruit more dummies” to her Plexus business.

Another naysayer felt as though Christine should move on and stop thinking about Kody and focus on her engagement with David instead.

sister wives viewers criticized Christine Brown on Reddit for shading Kody and Robyn
Some Sister Wives viewers felt Christine’s shade-throwing was out of line. Pic credit: u/coffee-and-crochet/Reddit

“It’s hitting me differently,” they wrote. “It’s funny, but at this point she is engaged to someone else and seems happy- shouldn’t that be behind her?”

Another Redditor was hopeful that Kody will soon live “rent free” in Christine’s brain, while another critic felt it was time for Christine to “move on” and stop “annoying” her fans with her MLM “crap.”

Whether or not Christine needs to leave Kody and Robyn in her past is clearly up for debate, but Christine questioning them employing a nanny is certainly warranted.

During an episode of Sister Wives, Christine revealed that when her six children were close in age to Robyn and Kody’s two youngest children, Solomon and Ariella, she worked a night job, leaving her and Kody’s eldest daughter, Aspyn, to put her younger siblings to bed since Kody refused to do it.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus.

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