Did Luis Ruelas try to date a Miami Housewife before he got with Teresa Giudice? Here’s what we know

RHOM star Alexia Nepola and RHONJ star Luis Ruelas close-up
Was Luis Ruelas interested in Alexia Nepola? Pic credit: Peacock/Bravo

The streets are talking, and they’re saying that Luis Ruelas had his eyes on another Bravo Housewife before he snagged Teresa Giudice.

That topic was brought up during part one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, and we’re hoping that when Luis finally takes his seat on stage, we’ll get some answers.

Until then, let’s delve into what we know so far.

As if we weren’t giving Luis the side eye already, things are starting to look worse for the OG’s husband.

Teresa had always claimed that Luis had no interest in being on TV and that he never knew who she was when they first met. But her castmates Melissa Gorga and Margaret Josephs are not buying that!

“He knew who you were when he met you… He certainly did. He knows Alexia, too,” said Melissa at the reunion.

Did Luis Ruelas try to date Miami Housewife Alexia Nepola?

The revelation surprised Andy Cohen, but Melissa had someone else to back up her claim.

“He wanted to go out with Alexia,” chimed in Margaret Josephs.

“He wanted to go out with Alexia from Miami? queried Andy, to which Margaret responded, “Yes!”

So what was Teresa’s response to the claims that her friend Alexei almost took her spot in the love bubble? “You’re a liar!” she retorted.

Here’s what RHONJ viewers had to say about the latest Luis Ruelas revelation

As for what viewers had to say about that little nugget of information, people are split on whether or not to believe it.

Some viewers think that Melissa is telling the truth about Luis, but others are convinced she’s just jealous of the OG.

“She knows Alexiae and Teresa are friends and just wants to hurt her. You can see the jealousy so clear from Melissa,” said one commenter.

“Melissa is so bitter she always been jealous of Teresa,” added someone else.

Melissa Gorga bashed by viewers
Pic credit: @bravohousewives/Instagram

Meanwhile, Melissa had some supporters in her corner as well.

“Teresa isn’t mad because Melissa is lying, she’s mad because Melissa is telling the truth and Tre wants it all to be swept under the rug,” reasoned one Instagram user.

Another person reiterated that sentiment, adding, “Teresa is upset b/c she knows it’s true 😂.”

Teresa Giudice bashed by viewers
Pic credit: @bravohousewives/Instagram

Whether true or not, Teresa is not letting that affect her close friendship with Alexei. The mom of four is currently on vacation with the RHOM star.

The Bravo Housewives and their husbands jetted off to Puerto Rico a few days ago– likely to avoid all the chatter that they knew would come after the first part of the reunion aired.

Do you believe the claims that Luis Ruelas tried to get with Alexia Nepola?

Part 2 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion airs Tuesday, June 6 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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