Did Logan Noh hook up with James Kennedy? Lala Kent brings up Vanderpump Rules rumor

James Kennedy on Watch What Happens Live.
James Kennedy denies hooking up with Logan Noh. Pic credit: Bravo

Vanderpump Rules was on fire with the most recent episode, and Lala Kent turned up to stir the pot on an old rumor that involved James Kennedy.

A while back, it was believed that James Kennedy and Logan Noh might have hooked up. He was dating Raquel Leviss, and she was away at school, so the two guys spent a lot of time together.

Did James Kennedy hook up with Logan Noh?

According to James Kennedy, he did not hook up with Logan Noh. He has denied it from the beginning despite his friend claiming they did have an encounter.

Logan Noh did say that he hooked up with James Kennedy while Raquel Leviss was away at school. Some of this played out on Vanderpump Rules.

When it came down to it, and James called Logan to clear the air, he confirmed that he was being “a jealous b**ch,” and the two did not hook up at all.

Unfortunately, this appears to be the rumor that never dies.

Lala Kent revived it with Raquel Leviss last night when they were talking at Tom Sandoval’s birthday party. James Kennedy’s girlfriend does not believe it happened.

Lala insisted she knew for a fact, which escalated things between the two women who were working on becoming friends earlier in the episode.

Why Logan Noh remains in the friend circle is unclear.

He made waves for James Kennedy and admitted to lying about hooking up with him. Lala Kent said that Logan did that to save James, but is that the truth?

What is next for James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss?

The two discussed the rumor at the party. James was visibly upset, and Raquel Leviss knew that. After what had transpired between the two just a few weeks prior, this was not what they needed.

James Kennedy has admitted his drinking problem. He started to attend meetings back when the show filmed and has confirmed his sobriety on social media as well.

James treated Raquel Leviss horribly, which was the breaking point for their relationship.

As things move forward, Vanderpump Rules fans will see how the reignition of this rumor will damage friendships and relationships. James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss can move past it, but will the other cast members let it go?

Vanderpump Rules airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo.

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