Did Karen throw shade at her split from Miles? MAFS alum says it ‘ain’t a loss, it’s a lesson’

Former MAFS couple Karen Landry and Miles Williams
Is Karen Landry throwing shade at Miles Williams? Pic credit: @k.lan1/Instagram/Lifetime

Karen Landry is happy and thriving despite her separation from Miles Williams, and her recent post proved just that.

The caption, however, seemed a little shady, and you’ll understand why in just a bit.

The Married at First Sight star referenced a line from rapper Jay Z that said “a loss” is just “a lesson.”

She also told her social media followers that she’s been seeing angel numbers, which affirm that she’s on the right path with her decisions.

While she made no mention of her estranged husband, we recently found out that the couple decided to split.

Miles was the one who announced their separation while on a panel at Essence Festival, and while Karen was also in attendance, it seems the former couple kept their distance.

MAFS star Karen Landry says a ‘loss’ is just a ‘lesson’

Karen shared a few stylish snaps with her 228,000 Instagram followers, and while I’m obsessed with her outfit, it was the caption of her post that made me do a double take.

“‘A loss ain’t a loss, it’s a lesson’ – Jay Z / Smile,” she wrote.

Karen shared that Jay-Z’s album 4:44 has been on rotation lately, and she’s been seeing “angel numbers.”

“When I search online, I see a lot of different things that those specific numbers can mean. But the part that resonates the most for me is that I’m being guided down the right path. I’m thankful for the affirmations,” reasoned Karen.

Meanwhile, the Jay Z quote felt like Karen was throwing shade at her relationship with Miles, but you can be the judge of that.

There was another quote posted in the carousel of photos that made it seem as if she was referencing her split from Miles as well.

One of them read, “I’m addicted to those souls that think a little deeper and love a little harder.”

Karen has not confirmed or denied her split from Miles

Keep in mind that Karen has not so much as addressed her split from Miles, even after he confirmed it in early July.

Karen still has his last name on her Instagram tag, and she still has photos of them on her page. The last one was posted a year ago — ironically, from when they attended the 2022 Essence Festival together.

Since then, Karen has been to several events and even took a trip to Tanzania in May, and there have been no signs on Miles anywhere.

We figured out there was trouble in paradise months ago when the couple stopped posting photos of each other on Instagram. The couple also had a YouTube page, and their last post was a year ago.

Miles recently created his own YouTube page dedicated to” love, positivity, and healing” as he traverses this new path.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus.

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