Did Julie Chrisley seek counsel to divorce Todd Chrisley? Savannah responds

Todd and Julie Chrisley at the NBC Universal Press Tour Summer 2014
Are Todd and Julie Chrisley getting divorced? Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Is Julie Chrisley seeking counsel to divorce her husband, Todd Chrisley? Well, the couple’s daughter, Savannah just responded to those claims.

The Chrisley Knows Best star has been speaking out on behalf of her family ever since her parents went to prison, and she just shut down the divorce rumors.

Savannah has had a lot on her plate since Todd and Julie reported to prison in January to serve their 19-year combined sentence after being found guilty of federal fraud charges.

Julie is at the Federal Medical Center in Kentucky, while Todd is at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola, Florida.

The couple, who have been married for 27 years, have not seen each other since they started their sentences.

However, is Julie ready to call it quits on her marriage and divorce Todd?

Is Julie Chrisley getting ready to divorce her husband Todd Chrisley?

Their daughter Savannah, who recently responded to the claims on social media, as per PEOPLE, stated that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“No, my mother has not hired counsel. If she did, it would have gone through me,” reasoned Savannah. “So, that whole story is a lie.”

The 26-year-old aired frustration at the ongoing rumors about her reality TV family as people continue to be fascinated by the once-wholesome family’s fall from grace.

“It’s just unfortunate that we live in a world that wants to tear families apart and wants to spew hate and lies,” said Savannah. “And it’s just absolutely insane.”

Meanwhile, Savannah made it very clear in her post that Julie is eager to reunite with Todd once their sentences are complete.

“I just sat with my mother at visitation this weekend, and she cried about how much she missed my father,” she said.

Todd and Julie have something to celebrate after reduced prison sentences

Todd and Julie received some good news recently, as their prison sentences have been reduced.

Monsters and Critics recently reported that Julie’s seven-year sentence has been reduced by 14 months. This means the 50-year-old will be released in October 2028 instead of her original release date of January 2030.

As for Todd Chrisley, the family patriarch also had his 12-year sentence reduced by two years and will be released in January 2033 after serving a decade in prison.

It’s unclear what led to the reduced sentences, but there could be more good news for the couple in the future.

The Chrisleys’ lawyer recently told PEOPLE that “There’s going to be the adoption of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines…” which could “further reduce their sentences.”

Furthermore, their lawyer hinted that Todd and Julie have a strong appeal case, so let’s wait and see if that will result in a win for the couple.

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8 months ago

Ridiculous to get a divorce while in prison … what’s the point ? PLUS this indicates Julie blames Todd for ALL of this and nobody believes THAT … Julie even has an extra charge in all this … she’s just as guilty as Todd and they BOTH are crazy to have even risked this and cause so much hurt and trouble in the family … it’s hard to feel sorry for them cause they were already millionaires and it’s just GREED that out them in prison