Did Jessie James Decker just confirm that Gabby Windey and Vinny Guadagnino are dating?

Vinny Guadagnino and Gabby Windey
Jessie James Decker may have just revealed a secret about Gabby Windey and Vinny Guadagnino. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia and @gabby.windey/Instagram

Hold the phone — did Jessie James Decker just debunk a rumor Bachelor Nation has been wondering about for months?

Jessie, a former Season 31 Dancing with the Stars contestant, recently commented on fellow contestant Gabby Windey’s Instagram post of herself currently on the DWTS Live tour.

Gabby uploaded a few on-stage and behind-the-scenes shots of herself on tour, which showed fellow competitor Vinny Guadagnino next to her as the two were seeming to enjoy their time on the road together.

While Vinny and Gabby have been caught flirting on Instagram since their time on the reality series last fall, they have admitted that it has all been “playful banter.”

However, Gabby has been embracing the single life after her breakup with Erich Schwer, and the chemistry has been undeniable between her and Vinny.

And, since Jessie was around them for a short period of time while all three were on Dancing with the Stars together, she may just be the one to have the inside scoop.

Jessie James Decker reveals Gabby Windey and Vinny Guadagnino may be dating

On Gabby’s DWTS-dedicated Instagram carousel, Jessie commented, “Dancing with your honey @vinnyguadagnino [heart emoji] can’t wait to double date in Nash.”

Jessie's comment on Gabby's post
Pic credit: @gabby.windey/Instagram

Calling Vinny her “honey” AND planning for a double date? It seems as if Jessie may have just revealed that Gabby and Vinny are officially an item. However, neither Gabby nor Vinny have yet to respond to Jessie’s comment.

When it comes to their time currently on tour, some fans have been sharing clips of them together, which have clearly shown that the two are taking their flirting to the stage.

One, in particular, had Gabby explaining to Vinny that none of her men on The Bachelorette knew how to dance, while Vinny demonstrated that he knew how to move his hips.


I have so many clips I’m not gonna post them all tonight but GABBY cracks me up and I want Gabby and Vinny to date and have a podcast JS ?? #dwtstour #gabbywindey #vinnyguadagnino #dancingwiththestars #dwtslivetour2023 #dwtslive #bachelornation #gabbyandvinny

♬ original sound – Mariah?

Since Vinny hails from the fist-pumping phenomenon of MTV’s Jersey Shore and Gabby was one of the most recent leads of The Bachelorette, a relationship between the two would truly be the ultimate reality television crossover.

What has Gabby Windey said about dating Vinny in the past?

After the two had social media buzzing last fall, Gabby was asked about Vinny on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards in December.

After being asked if a relationship with Vinny could be an option, Gabby teased, “I think it’s a possibility. I don’t know we’ll all have to wait and see.”

In another interview, Gabby also admitted that she “of course” would go on an actual date with Vinny if the opportunity arose. “I feel like, that’s like, understood,” she followed up.

She said that since he lives in New York and she lives in Los Angeles, the distance would be an issue for the pair and their busy schedules.

However, it seems that maybe things have changed now that the two are getting to spend the majority of their time together on the Dancing with the Stars tour.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC.

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