Gabby Windey finally admits if she would go on an actual date with Vinny Guadagnino

Gabby Windey
Gabby Windey gets real about her flirting with Vinny Guadagnino. Pic credit: @gabby.windey/Instagram

Gabby Windey finally gave an answer to the question many fans have been wondering over the past few weeks.

Aside from all the playful banter on social media, would she go on an actual date with her fellow Dancing with the Stars castmate, Vinny Guadagnino?

Without hesitation, Gabby revealed that she would “of course” go out with Vinny.

“I feel like, that’s like, understood,” she followed up.

The two became close while partaking in the most recent season of DWTS and have publicly been showing support for one another throughout their journeys. However, their support has turned flirty, and the two have been teasing a potential relationship by way of Instagram comments.

Gabby even spoke about her spark with Vinny on the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards last week.

And, while Bachelor Nation recently watched Gabby split from her fiance Erich Schwer shortly after they got engaged during The Bachelorette finale this fall, it seems like Gabby may be ready to move on after all.

Gabby Windey dishes on her relationship with Vinny Guadagnino

While appearing on the Click Bait podcast, Gabby said that with her living in Los Angeles and Vinny living in New York City, it would be tough to actually make a date happen — especially with their crazy schedules.

Host Natasha Parker had to chime in, though, to let Gabby know that Vinny had opened up to her about how “beautiful” and “awesome” he thinks Gabby is.

Vinny also said that he respected her relationship with Erich Schwer, so he never would have pursued anything with Gabby while she was with somebody else. However, when Gabby announced her split on DWTS, Vinny had already been eliminated, and time simply got away from them.

Gabby hints a relationship with Vinny is still ‘a possibility’

While attending the PCAs last week, Gabby opened up about her flirty relationship with Vinny while being interviewed by Laverne Cox on the red carpet.

“I think it’s a possibility. I don’t know we’ll all have to wait and see,” Gabby responded in terms of a potential partnership with the Jersey Shore star.

Gabby then changed the word “gym” to “Gabby” in the coined MTV reality series lifestyle phrase, “gym tan laundry.”

As long as the two keep giving fans something to talk about, it seems as if Gabby and Vinny will keep being asked whether or not they plan to keep their relationship solely playful or take it to the next level.

The Bachelorette is currently on hiatus on ABC.