Did Jared just accidentally reveal his Big Brother secret to Mecole?

Jared BB25 Living Room
The Big Brother 25 cast includes Jared Fields as a houseguest. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds have been busy on Friday (September 15).

Jared Fields is working hard to make a move after he became the Head of Household again.

Jared won the Wall Challenge, gaining him power again.

Most of Friday was spent discussing who he would nominate for eviction.

Jared began chatting with Mecole Hayes slightly after 1 p.m. PT on the Big Brother live feeds.

And during that conversation, it’s possible that Jared slipped up about his mom.

Jared Fields playing Big Brother with his mom

Big Brother fans know that Jared Fields is the son of fellow houseguest Cirie Fields.

Izzy Gleicher was the only other houseguest who openly knew the secret.

But Izzy kept the secret when she left the house on Thursday night.

Jared has also insinuated to Blue Kim that his mom is Felicia Cannon, but Blue doesn’t always believe Jared. He lies a lot, and she knows it. There is a suspicion among fans that Jared has clarified things with Blue and that she knows Cirie is his mom.

In a chat with his mom, Jared said he felt that Izzy told Blue about them (Jared and Cirie). It appears Jared was trying to push Izzy under the bus, possibly heading off any information coming from Blue.

Did Jared slip up while speaking with Mecole?

Jared pushed hard to get Mecole to believe he wanted to work with her.

He also assured her safety for the week and said that she didn’t need to campaign.

Part of the chat got interesting when Jared possibly slipped.

Some Big Brother fans took to social media to say they heard Jared say “my mom” when speaking to Mecole on Thursday.

At about 1:33:20 PT (house time), Jared is shown talking to Mecole.

He then says something that sounds like “my mom” as he talks about someone he met earlier.

Jared and Felicia were together in the HOH Room earlier, so it’s possible he was addressing her. It’s also possible that Jared wasn’t speaking clearly.

Could Jared have said “When I was with Felicia” during his conversation and muddled some words? The jury is out.

Mecole already clocked that Jared might have a relationship with someone else in the house (other than Blue). Will she put the pieces together now?

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