Did Ethan and Olivia Plath split? Here’s what we know about the Welcome to Plathville couple

Olivia and Ethan Plath last year
Are Ethan and Olivia Plath still together? Pic credit: @ethan.plath/Instagram

While Welcome to Plathville is filming Season 5, viewers wonder whether Ethan and Olivia Plath split up.

Their marriage has been chronicled since the series debuted, and their problems have been front and center.

The disconnect between them came from Ethan not being upfront with Olivia on certain things (like his purchases of cars and the marital issues his parents were experiencing) and her desire to not reconcile on any level with his parents.

However, she did make an effort with Barry, but things between herself and Kim were not going to be mended.

Maturity level has also been an issue between them, and they did a trial separation.

However, it looks like their marriage could be over for good.

Are Ethan and Olivia Plath still together?

Based on their Instagram accounts, it doesn’t seem the two are spending much time together.

Ethan hasn’t been active on his page, with only a handful of shares since January. He did share a sweet post about Olivia in January, but since then, it’s been about his trip to visit family in Georgia and then moving his cars to Minnesota with his brother. His most recent share was of him driving and posing with his car.

He captioned it, “My car, the road, and I. The most peaceful place I know.”

It’s important to note that he still has Olivia’s name in his Instagram bio as one of the things he loves.

As for Olivia, she has been focused primarily on her work. Her brother recently died, and she took some time away for that. Olivia hasn’t been big on sharing her private life on Instagram, choosing to focus more on her wedding photography work and her adventures in traveling.

She has always been big on traveling and moving to a place that is more like a big city rather than where she and Ethan lived. It was a point of contention between them.

There is no mention of Ethan in her Instagram bio, though.

Ethan and Olivia Plath grew up in the Fundie world

The Plath family was part of the Fundie world, as was Olivia’s family. That’s how the two met and married so young.

While Ethan was more sheltered regarding many things, Olivia had a leg up on him, having experienced things like television and drinking soda.

Olivia did a live with her sister earlier this month about their experience within the Fundie community. It was right after Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets was released, stirring up some of what they felt about their situation growing up.

Family life seems to complicate things between them. Olivia isn’t comfortable with Ethan’s parents, especially with his mother, Kim Plath. And that is a hard thing to deal with in a marriage.

As for whether the couple split, there is no definitive answer. They are both still following one another on Instagram.

Season 5 of Welcome to Plathville is happening, though when it will premiere remains unclear.

Welcome to Plathville is currently on hiatus.

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