Did Captain Sean Meagher receive a tip on Below Deck? Captain Lee Rosbach weighs in

Captain Lee Rosbach reveals if Captain Sean Meagher earned a tip or not.
Captain Sean wasn’t even on Below Deck for a full charter. Pic credit: Bravo

Did Captain Sean Meagher receive a tip on Below Deck? Captain Lee Rosbach has weighed in on the hot topic after his big return to Season 9 this week.

Captain Sean stepped up for Captain Lee and Below Deck when the show was in a jam. Below Deck, viewers had mixed feelings about the replacement captain, but now that he’s gone, there’s another question on their minds.

The trailer for Below Deck Season 9 made it appear as though Captain Lee would miss a few episodes. It turns out that was just a tease. The stud of the sea came back at the beginning of Episode 2 with Captain Sean departing mid charter.

Since the replacement captain wasn’t there for a full charter, some Below Deck fans wonder if Captain Sean was tipped for his time on the My Seanna.

Captain Lee weighs in on Captain Sean Below Deck tip

Twitter was abuzz with excitement over Captain Lee making his first appearance on Season 9. One user was curious if Captain Sean was tipped since he was only there for a few days.

Captain Lee happily answered the question in his classic and honest manner.

“No, he didn’t. I gave half of my tip to him. He earned it,” Captain Lee tweeted.

Captain Lee Tip Captain Sean
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

The comments section of his Tweet was filled with responses giving Captain Lee props for the class act that he always displays.

Below Deck fans love Captain Lee
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

Why was Captain Sean tip question asked?

There were a lot of remarks regarding the audacity that someone would ask if Captain Sean was tipped.

Below Deck fan not happy with question
Pic credit: @capthlr/Twitter

However, some Below Deck fans may be unaware that being tipped for only working part of a charter has become one hot topic the past couple of weeks.

Rhylee Gerber accused Bravo of trying to silence her about she was not tipped when she joined Season 7 mid charter, per Captain Lee’s decision. Later while watching back the season, Rhylee discovered Tanner Sterback was tipped for a full charter even though he was out sick for a day. Rhylee was not allowed to share her story until her contract was up.

Captain Lee addressed the issue on Twitter, sharing Rhylee didn’t even work for 24 hours of the charter. He also shut down any future talk on the subject.

Since Captain Sean Meagher’s stint was so short and exit occurred as tip topic was making the sounds, it makes sense Below Deck fans would be curious. Captain Lee Rosbach, of course, took care of Captain Sean, and that shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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