Did Amber Portwood just reveal that Andrew cheated on her?

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood posted for the first time since her arrest and deleted it. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood was arrested after a July 4th incident with her boyfriend, Andrew Glennon, as she reportedly flipped out on him and attacked him with a machete because they were going to miss the fireworks.

When details surfaced about the incident, fans had no idea what had gone on. But Amber recently went on social media and posted a quote that reportedly read, “Cheating is a choice, not a mistake.”

The post was deleted, but it was spotted by some fans.

The post also hinted that perhaps Amber had been cheated on, which may explain why she attacked Andrew. One fan pointed out that perhaps Amber learned that Andrew had been talking to someone else and she felt betrayed.

As Amber, herself pointed out, cheating is a choice, not a mistake. It does sound like she caught Andrew cheating, but it could have been a comment simply for the sake of sharing an opinion.

Since Andrew hasn’t issued a statement and Amber remains silent, it’s hard to determine what is going on. But once her legal issues get sorted out, Teen Mom OG producers may ask her about the incident when they start filming again.

At the present time, Andrew has filed for full custody of James and Amber isn’t allowed to contact Andrew or James until her next court date. Andrew hasn’t addressed his relationship status with Amber, and he has kept a low profile possibly because of the legal implications of speaking out. It’s also possible he’s keeping quiet out of respect for Amber.

In addition, Amber Portwood missed the Teen Mom OG reunion this weekend, so fans won’t get to hear her side of the story on the reunion special.

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