Devoin Austin responds after Teen Mom 2 fan calls him out for posing with a gun, says ‘A picture doesn’t define me’

Devoin Austin of Teen Mom 2
Devoin Austin wasn’t bothered by a comment about posing with a gun. Pic credit: MTV

Devoin Austin stirred up some controversy online when he posed with a gun, and the Teen Mom 2 star wanted his fans to know that “A picture doesn’t define” him.

Briana DeJesus’s ex and baby daddy has been minding his business lately with all the other Teen Mom 2 drama surrounding him.

The 29-year-old father of one shared a pic online recently, though, that stirred up a little bit of drama.

On August 19, Devoin shared a series of pics on Instagram simply captioned “H A D O U K E N.” In the pics, Devoin wore a long-sleeved, cream-colored Street Fighter II t-shirt and a neck full of gold chains.

Devoin Austin poses with a gun, his followers react

In one pic, Devoin posed with his girlfriend, who hid her face behind a peace sign she made with her hand. In his last pic, Devoin stood outside, holding a black handgun as he slightly smiled and looked down at his firearm.

Several of Devoin’s followers commented on his choice to pose with a gun and weren’t pleased with his decision.

“Put the gun down before nova or Stella sees it ….. I swear sometimes u don’t think use ur brain devoin,” commented one of Devoin’s followers on the post.

devoin austin of teen mom 2 posed with a gun on instagram and his followers reacted
Devoin’s followers called him out for posing with a gun. Pic credit: @devoinaustin/Instagram

“The gun is unnecessary. Period. What’s up with that?” asked another one of Devoin’s followers.

One fan reminded Devoin that he’s a father figure to his daughter Nova, whom he shares with baby mama Briana DeJesus. Devoin also acts as a father figure and role model to Nova’s younger sister, Stella, who has a different biological father, Luis Hernandez.

Their comment said, “don’t forget you setting examples for people so do you and shine but don’t play with guns. besides it make you look weak to need one. just saying.”

Devoin Austin says ‘A picture doesn’t define me’

Devoin felt it was time to defend himself after one comment in particular that brought up his baby mama, Briana. It read, “That last picture is definitely not a good look maybe you should move it before [Briana] sends it to MTV and [gets] you kicked off the show you never know with her.”

Devoin fired back at the comment and replied, “it’s not about a look. This how I’m LIVING.. I’m not worried about that. A picture doesn’t define me.”

devoin austin of teen mom 2 posed with a gun on instagram and his followers reacted
Devoin told a follower, “A picture doesn’t define me.” Pic credit: @devoinaustin/Instagram

Devoin made headlines recently after he appeared on the Teen Mom 2 reunion episode alongside his baby mama, Briana DeJesus.

As previously reported by Monsters & Critics, a sweet moment between Devoin and Briana quickly took a left turn when the topic of money came up.

Devoin and Briana often argue over money and time spent with Nova. Briana has long thought that Devoin needs to spend more money on and time with their daughter, despite his attempts to step it up as a father.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on hiatus.

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