Devoin Austin quit his job, blamed it on Teen Mom 2 and revealed plan to start a YouTube channel

Devoin Austin during an episode of Teen Mom 2
Devoin Austin quits his job in hopes of starting a YouTube channel and eventually opening his own food truck Pic credit: MTV

Devoin Austin and his finances have been a major part of Briana DeJesus’s storyline on the current season of Teen Mom 2.

Briana requested $250 a month from her baby daddy to help support their daughter Nova.  While Devoin initially agreed to the payments, he later changed his mind, which caused the two of them to get into a heated text message exchange while he was picking Nova up from school.

Devoin argued that Briana made so much more money than him and shouldn’t need his financial help.  He also criticized her for having money to spend on plastic surgery and said she had a $15,000 body while he didn’t have $15,000 worth of anything.

Briana pleaded that if she made so much money, she wouldn’t continue to work a corporate job.  She also felt as though he should still support his daughter regardless of how much money either of them makes.

In light of all the drama with finances, it looks like Devoin has thrown another curveball Briana’s way.  Devoin recently announced on social media that he quit his job and was planning to start a YouTube channel to kickstart his cooking career.

Was Teen Mom to blame?

Devoin said he quit his job for “personal reasons” but noted the reasons were Teen Mom related.  He said he planned to start sharing his life on YouTube and take baby steps toward his career.

Devoin asked his Instagram followers to help him out by subscribing to his channel and said he was highly motivated.  His goal is to have his own food truck by next summer.


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While Devoin mentioned Teen Mom had something to do with him quitting his job, he didn’t get into too much detail.  It’s no secret, however, that Devoin has frustrations with the way he’s been portrayed on the show.

Devoin has shared text messages to his Instagram in the past where he’s told Briana that she’s the only one who benefits from filming the show as he does not get paid even though he is a major part of her storyline.  He has made comments like “F**k Teen Mom” and said that they’ve manipulated storylines to make him look worse.

He’s also suggested that Briana purposely stirs the pot with him once MTV is filming.

Devoin’s financial support

Now that Devoin has quit his job, it’s unclear how he plans to support Nova financially.  While several fans commented on his post, praising him for taking an initiative to make something of himself, others were skeptical that he would be successful.

Briana has yet to comment on Devoin’s post.  It’s unclear whether Devoin has continued to make payments to Briana or if he plans to continue as he pursues his new career.

Teen Mom 2 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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