Derick Dillard speaks out on mission fundraising, thanks follower for ‘recognizing’ it

Derick Dillard selfie from Instagram.
Derick Dillard is still talking on social media. Pic credit: @derickdillard/Instagram

Derick Dillard is back with more comments about his life and the Duggar family. His impromptu question and answer session has gone on several weeks and Instagram, and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

The most recent comment from Derick came yesterday when he replied to a comment from a follower that was posted two weeks ago. It went back to putting up fundraisers for their mission trips.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard were roasted on social media and in the headlines for raising money to go on their trips. The perception was that they made money from Counting On, and asking for donations was just a scam.

The comment made about mission trips on Derick Dillard's Instagram.
Derick Dillard is still answering questions on Instagram. Pic credit: @derickdillard/Instagram

Derick Dillard has revealed that Jim Bob Duggar doesn’t pay the older children for participating in the show. He did suggest that they try to get a deal and show on their own though. So if Derick and Jill Duggar weren’t paid for appearing on Counting On, the fundraisers for their mission trips now make sense according to the commenter.

Derick Dillard's reply on Instagram.
Derick Dillard continues to respond to followers. Pic credit: @derickdillard/Instagram

In his reply, he acknowledged that replying to all of the fake accusations would be a full-time job. Derick Dillard did confirm that speaking out on certain cases would happen though, using the lashing he and Jill Duggar got over the mission fundraising as an example.

He also thanked the commenter for understanding that situation and revealed that they enjoy the love and support from their fans and followers.

This is just the tip of the iceberg where the Duggar family is concerned. Derick Dillard isn’t afraid to speak his truth in any situation. From telling TLC what he thinks about their programming, to calling out Jim Bob Duggar, it looks like there may be no limitations to what Derick is willing to speak out about.

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