Derick Dillard reveals he used to trick-or-treat, but no Halloween fun for his boys

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard in a confessional for Counting On
Derick Dillard is sticking to his beliefs. Pic credit: TLC

Derick Dillard has been a point of contention for a lot of Duggar fans over the last year or so. His views have gotten him into hot water, causing TLC to cut ties with him altogether. Now, he is back on Twitter and causing some more confusion.

When a fan asked Derick Dillard about what he will tell his children about Halloween, he avoided the subject and indirectly talked about when he stopped trick-or-treating. At one point in his childhood, Dillard did participate in the Halloween fun. He says he stopped around age 10 when a pastor explained to him the origins of the holiday in a sermon.

Of course, his comments drew plenty of attention. Derick Dillard was criticized for not allowing his children to partake in the holiday and dress up.

Duggar fans will know that the children are not allowed to partake in dancing or dressing up. While they do sometimes celebrate Harvest and do things aligned with the church, Halloween is a no go and always has been.

During the discussion on Twitter, Dillard insisted that he has not changed much since meeting Jill Duggar. His values have remained the same, which isn’t shocking.

He is the most conservative of the husbands married to the Duggar daughters. The irony is that he has also cost the family the most in terms of controversy.

There was some worry that Derick Dillard and his antics could cost the Duggar family their show. Counting On was the family’s second chance and so many fans have been upset by his outbursts and unfiltered comments.

Fortunately, it looks like TLC is still happy with the family as they have continued to air them without Dillard and Jill Duggar.

Counting On is currently over for the season but is expected back in early 2019.

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