Derek Hough reveals what he loved most about Dancing with the Stars

Derek Hough and Lindsey Stirling
Derek Hough and Lindsey Stirling. Pic credit: Lindsey Stirling/YouTube

The week before the Oscars, Derek Hough teamed up with his sister Julianne Hough and created an ABC special where they honored movie musicals from the past with choreographed dance numbers.

They did this with several guest stars, including actors from the movies.

After the episode, Derek talked about how the entire experience reminded him of what he loved most about Dancing with the Stars.

Derek Hough on what he loves about DWTS

Derek said that he was working with non-professional dancers on Step Into … The Movies with Derek and Julianne Hough.

It was all about the dancers realizing that moment where they knew they could do it.

“My favorite part of that whole process is seeing that ‘a-ha’ moment in their eyes when they say, ‘I can do this!’” Derek told TV Insider. “[Doing Step Into] gave me that feeling again where I was showing somebody something and they felt, ‘We did it.'”

That all led to reporters asking Derek if he was getting the itch to step back into the role of a pro on Dancing with the Stars.

Derek is the pro with the most Dancing with the Stars Mirrorball trophies in history at six wins. He also did this in only 17 seasons, which ranks fifth all-time for professional dancers on the show.

Derek has spent the last two seasons as a guest judge. It seems he likes that role better right now.

“I don’t know,” Derek said. “I like having the best of both worlds where I get to be a part of the show as a judge and do performances but also have time that allows me the freedom to do other projects.”

Derek was working his Las Vegas show while he was judging last season, and training celebrities would have taken that opportunity away from him.

Derek Hough would like more from Dancing with the Stars

Derek Hough mentioned last season that he had an idea he had pitched to Dancing with the Stars execs that he would love to do.

While still working as a judge, Derek said he would love to be a mentor for the celebrity dancers.

He said he “would love to just have an hour with each one of the celebrities.”

“I have so much more to share and to give and I feel like I could add some value to their experience in the process,” Derek said. “So, I would love to have like 30 minutes to an hour with them and just give a little spiel and, hopefully, add some value to them.”

Cheryl Burke also considered this same idea for when she steps down as a pro.

Dancing with the Stars is moving to Disney+ for Season 31 and it will premiere in late 2022.

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