Demi Lovato fans take aim at Chris Harrison after old interview surfaces showing The Bachelor host being rude

Demi Lovato and Chris Harrison on the red carpet.
Demi Lovato fans are coming after Chris Harrison after he appeared in Dancing With The Devil. Pic credit ImageCollect/Carrie-nelson

Bachelor host Chris Harrison is under fire once again after Dancing With The Devil viewers felt that he was dismissive towards Demi Lovato during an interview clip.

Demi’s Dancing With The Devil documentary depicts her struggles with addiction, mental health issues and sexual assault.

During the documentary, Demi revealed that she was raped by her Camp Rock costar and drug dealer when she was only 15 years old.

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Demi implied that this, among other experiences, were channeled into her songwriting.

Chris interviewed her on during that time and addressed those songs.

“You wrote most of your songs… you’re 16, where does your inspiration come from?” Chris asked her.

“Believe it or not, being 16, I’ve been through a lot,” Demi responded.

“Come on, how much heartbreak can you have at 16?” He challenged.

“A lot,” Demi retorted as she laughed uncomfortably.

Fans condemn Chris’s attitude towards Demi Lovato

While Chris likely didn’t know about her sexual assault and other personal struggles, fans still feel that he was dismissive toward Demi and discredited her because of her age.

“This throwback in the doc just broke me. To know now what she had been going through,” one fan observed.

Many felt that Chris’s attitude during this interview was similar to the way he treated Rachel Lindsay during their Extra interview.

“he fact that Chris Harrison was shown in Demi’s doc gaslighting yet another woman in an interview is not lost on me!” Another fan exclaimed.

A fan tweets about Chris Harrison
Pic credit: Twitter/@youlovemelikexo

A third fan was taken back by the entire video and expressed that Chris’s attitude isn’t excusable just because he didn’t know about the sexual abuse.

“That clip of Chris Harrison….” The user wrote. “It pisses me off how interviewers can minimize the life experiences of womxn and especially young womxn. ‘How much could you have been through at your age’ when basically no one knew she had been raped, her FIRST TIME was rape. By someone who was also working on Camp Rock like.”

A fan tweets about Chris Harrison
Pic credit: Twitter/@MiamiMaite

Will Chris return to host The Bachelor?

While Chris hasn’t officially been fired from The Bachelor yet, this resurrected video and backlash likely won’t help his case.

Chris’s decision to defend Rachael Kirkconnell after her racially insensitive social media activity surfaced put off a lot of Bachelor fans and former contestants.

Chris chose to step down from his hosting duties following the controversial interview.

Emmanuel Acho stepped in to host Matt James’s After The Final Rose finale special.

While he vowed he would be returning to his role, his chances are looking slimmer as time goes on.

Chris was blindsided when Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe were invited to host The Bachelorette and he even is looking into taking legal action against the franchise.

Time will tell whether Chris will appear on the franchise again.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus at ABC.

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2 years ago

Please give it a rest already! He had no idea what Demi had went through. They are just digging for info at this point. The same way they have treated Sharon O from the talk!