Demi Burnett suggests she looks like Brendan Morais in recent video 

Demi Burnett and Brendan Morais
Demi Burnett uses a filter that makes her resemble Brendan Morais. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett had some fun with filters in her recent video, and one particular gender-swapping filter made her resemble a fellow controversial Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star. 

Noting the amusing resemblance in the caption of her video, Demi lamented how she looked like costar Brendan Morais. 

Demi Burnett resembles Brendan Morais in filtered video 

Demi Burnett took to her Instagram to share a video of herself singing along to Me and My Guitar by A Boogie wit da Hoodie. 

In the video, Demi included a filter that had her switching back and forth between red and blue lighting. In the reddish lighting, Demi appeared to have a makeup filter on, and in the blue lighting, Demi had a filter on that gives her facial hair and thicker eyebrows. 

Demi captioned the post, The battle of masculine and feminine energy in this song.”

Making reference to the way the facial hair filter makes her resemble Morais, Demi concluded her caption by writing, “(also is it just me or do I kinda look like Brendan)”

Demi Burnett and Brendan Morais had tension on Bachelor in Paradise 

Both Demi and Brendan appeared on Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 and their stint on the show led to drama between the two. 

Interestingly, Demi was very vocal about her attraction to Brendan when she first arrived on the island. Demi even took Brendan on a one-on-one date by the beach. 

However, the date took an awkward turn when it became clear Brendan was not completely interested in coupling up with Demi, and his reason why would become very clear as the season progressed. 

Demi left the date annoyed with Brendan, and Brendan found himself in even more hot water when his current girlfriend Pieper James arrived on the island. 

Bachelor in Paradise viewers will recall that Brendan and Pieper quickly became the villains of the season when they appeared to have a previous relationship and seemed to callously use fellow BIP star Natasha Parker in order to prolong their screen time and gain followers. 

When Brendan and Pieper’s ulterior motives and mistreatment of Natasha were exposed, Demi was one of several cast members to confront the couple on the island, with Demi and Brendan having a heated exchange. Shortly after, Brendan and Pieper packed their bags and left paradise, losing followers at a rapid pace. 

Brendan and Demi seemed to part ways on bad terms while filming Bachelor in Paradise, and it’s unclear if the two have buried the hatchet. 

Do you see the resemblance between Demi and Brendan in her video?

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus. 

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