Demi Burnett slams iHeartRadio Music Awards for not inviting her

Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett opened up about her social anxiety in an Instagram story. Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

Demi Burnett hit back at the iHeartRadio 2022 awards for not inviting her to the event. The Bachelor in Paradise star claimed she felt excluded and ostracized while watching other people attend.

Demi theorized that canceling an event in the past due to her “crippling social anxiety” is the reason she wasn’t invited to the awards.

She also doubled down on feeling confused by her exclusion from the event in a follow-up video accusing people of not liking her or not wanting her to attend.

Demi Burnett reflects on not being invited to the iHeartRadio Music Awards

The 2022 iHeartRadio Music Awards took place last night, and celebrated a variety of artists. However, one celebrity wasn’t feeling the love.

Demi took to social media to slam the awards for not sending her an invitation.

“Hope y’all had fun at I heart,” Demi wrote on an Instagram story. “I didn’t get invited probably bc that one time I canceled on jingle ball bc I have crippling social anxiety and I had several anxiety attacks over it.”

She continued on to recall when “Amy sugarfish,” which may be a reference to producer Amy Sugarman, who reportedly talked about her canceling the event on a podcast.

Demi ended the story with, “I don’t know what I’m capable of each day but being invited at least gives me the option of going and also gives a feeling of inclusivity.”

Demi Burnett
Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

Demi Burnett said ‘I guess they don’t like me’ in message to iHeartRadio Music Awards

The Bachelor in Paradise alum wasn’t done there, however, as she added a passionate video to her Instagram story saying she had no idea why she wasn’t invited.

“I guess they don’t like me. I guess nobody wants me there,” Demi said. “I just like don’t wanna feel even more ostracized than I already do.”

Demi made a face and altered her voice as she offered the possible reasons for her exclusion. She also gave a big sigh and paused before continuing.

Demi Burnett
Pic credit: @demi_not_lovato/Instagram

She has previously opened up about struggling to make friends throughout her autism diagnosis and feeling incapable of supporting herself.

Demi’s Bachelor in Paradise castmate Tammy Ly was one of the few Bachelor Nation stars who attended the awards, but has not responded to Demi’s message as of now.

Tammy also took to Instagram to show off her awards look as she stunned in a short, low-cut red dress to walk the red carpet.

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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