Demi Burnett comes to Heather Martin’s defense after she crashes The Bachelor because she wants Matt James

Demi Burnett
Demi Burnett defends Heather Martin’s appearance on The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett is no stranger to the Bachelor franchise and she knows that anything can happen.

Demi made history by exploring a same-sex relationship on Bachelor In Paradise and she even got engaged on the show.

Even though the relationship didn’t work out in the end, Demi understands what it means to pursue what you want when you are given the chance.

And that’s why she’s coming to Heather Martin’s defense after it was revealed that she shows up for Matt James on his season of The Bachelor.

Demi Burnett supports Heather Martin’s decision to go on The Bachelor

Demi decided to speak out about Heather’s decision to pursue Matt on the Here for the Right Reasons podcast.

She decided to speak out after one of the women uttered that Heather already had her chance to find love with a Bachelor star, as Heather appeared on Colton Underwood’s season.

“I would come back too if they asked me, like, duh! And I know that you would too because you signed up to be on this show in the first place,” Demi explained.

“And they’re gonna blame Heather? Like Heather had anything to do with it. Like Heather said, ‘I want to sabotage this show?’ Heather’s the sweetest girl ever. She would be so helpful. So, I’m like, ‘Why are you upset about this?’ This makes no sense to me. I don’t know. It was just immature to me, but we’ll see what happens.”

Demi explained that while she doesn’t talk to Heather all the time, they do have a great friendship. She pointed out that she adores Heather and she’s excited to see how everything unfolds.

Heather Martin may have been encouraged by Hannah Brown to pursue Matt James

Demi pointed out that she heard rumors that Heather could show up for Matt, but she didn’t have any proof. As it turns out, Hannah Brown may have played a role in pushing Heather to leave her hometown to go to Pennsylvania to film the show.

Hannah and Heather have spent lots of time together after The Bachelorette and Hannah may have talked about Matt and how great of a guy he is. If Heather had played with the idea of pursuing Matt, Hannah may have encouraged that as she’s a fan of Matt.

It’s possible that Hannah pushed Heather to fly to Pennsylvania. Hannah herself could also show up on the show, but just to support Matt on his journey.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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