Demi Burnett calls out Brendan Morais over claims he wasn’t looking to grow his Instagram following in BIP apology

Demi Burnett and Brendan Morais
Demi Burnett is calling Brendan Morais out about something he said in his recent apology. Pic credit: ABC

Brendan Morais recently apologized again to Bachelor Nation with a lengthy video that he posted to Instagram and it’s clear that Demi Burnett saw it.

In fact, Demi took offense to a certain part of the video and she wasn’t quiet about it either.

The Bachelor in Paradise bad girl has now called out the biggest BIP villain of the season over claims that he wasn’t looking to increase his Instagram following by showing up on the show with Pieper James, whom he had already been rumored to be dating months before filming even started.

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Demi takes issue with this part of Brendan Morais’s apology

Demi Burnett took to TikTok, where she shared roughly 12 seconds of Brendan’s 7-minute apology. Her caption says, “It’s not my apology to accept but I just found this part interesting.”

“If I wanted the max amount of followers, I would not have pursued Pieper or Natasha,” Brendan said in the snippet. “I would have gone after a girl with a million followers so that’s just not the case.”

Then, Demi spliced in footage of herself asking Brendan if he wanted to go on a date at the very beginning of the season. Those who watched the episode will remember that Brendan enthusiastically joined her on that date.

Demi Burnett has 1.2 million Instagram followers, a number that has held fairly steady before and during the airing of Bachelor in Paradise Season 7.


It’s not my apology to accept but I just found this part interesting. #bachelornation #bachelorinparadise

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Brendan Morais rejected Demi Burnett, though

While Demi Burnett did make a good point about Brendan Morais and his excitement to join her for a jet-ski date and to participate in a passionate kiss with the Bachelor Nation star, it’s worth noting that it was Brendan who chose not to pursue a relationship.

After their date, Demi revealed that she was “crushing so hard” on Brendan, and she even offered up an invite to the Boom Boom Room. So if he really wanted to date a Bachelor Nation star with a million followers, he really could have pursued her. Instead, he let Demi go try to steal someone else’s man (as she put it when she joined the cast.)

This was the first time Demi Burnett got dumped on this season of Bachelor in Paradise but it wouldn’t be her last.

“I think you’re amazing and you’re beautiful and I had an amazing time with you,” Brendan told Demi. “But I obviously talked to other girls and formed certain things with other girls. And so it’s like, we’re going to talk to other people, go on other dates and really see if our paths cross again along this journey.”

We’re still not sure if he was talking about Natasha Parker or Pieper James, who still had a couple of weeks before she’d even get to Mexico to film for Bachelor in Paradise.

Bachelor in Paradise airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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