Demi Burnett and Tammy Ly talk competition between Bachelor Nation influencers

Demi Burnett & Tammy Ly
Demi Burnett & Tammy Ly talk about social media influencers. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett, after appearing on The Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise in the past, recently started her own podcast called DemiGoddess.

Each Thursday, she has a new episode, and on yesterday’s segment, she had Tammy Ly as her guest. Tammy recently announced that she has split off from The Bachelor Nation franchise.

While Tammy had some controversy of her own during Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor, she and Demi seemed to get along great. They have some of the same thoughts and opinions on the Bachelor Nation franchise when it comes to social media influencers.

Demi Burnett revealed that Bachelor Nation alums are competing against each other in the social media world

During the podcast, Demi brought up the fact that the alums from the Bachelor franchise shows have turned their social media influencer gigs into a sort of life competition.

According to Demi, some alums are using how many social media followers they have on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok to announce how popular they are.

When talking with Tammy, Demi stated, “In this franchise, they cannot stand to see somebody doing more than them and in their minds is below them in the social hierarchy.”

Tammy agreed with Demi as she nodded her head and exclaimed, “That’s exactly it! It’s like how could she succeed if she’s below me?”

Demi then declared, “But they think that you’re below them because they haven’t healed from the trauma that they received of someone telling them, ‘I’m better than you!’ But … you get to be better than these people, but I’m still better than you.”

Demi then brought up about how some husbands are sliding into DMs with Tammy

Flashing forward to another segment in the episode, Demi brought up the fact that some of the women’s husbands in the franchise aren’t faithful but wouldn’t spill the tea with names.

She claimed, “And then their husbands who secretly want to f**k us pit their wives against us.”

Tammy, while laughing, again agreed as she shouted, “That’s exactly it!”

Demi reiterated and also added new details to the fact that “their husbands pit their wives against us while they are sliding into our DMs.” She then smiled and said, “Not to make it about that, but I always do.”

It seems like Demi and Tammy had a great time together, dishing and gossiping about the competition that has been going on through social media and the Bachelor Nation alums.

But now everyone is dying to know … Whose husbands are trying to slide into Demi’s DMs? And are there others who have told Demi about this as well? For the entire episode of DemiGoddess with Tammy Ly and Demi, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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