Demi Burnett addresses her costume controversy — says you can come for her but not for her lady parts

Demi Burnett in front of greenery
Demi Burnett claps back at her haters in true Demi fashion. Pic credit: ABC

Demi Burnett’s costume and behind turned heads on Halloween. Several aspects of her Halloween look got people talking. 

While Demi previously addressed a critic accusing her of getting cosmetic work done on her face, she has now released a video clearing up another common complaint about her costume. 

Demi Burnett’s costume was an homage to drag queens 

Demi Burnett simply captioned her video, Costume Controversy, and proceeded to give a nearly 3-minute speech addressing the slander of her body and explaining the inspiration behind her costume. 

In the video, Demi held a microphone and greeted everyone before getting right to it and stating, “Let’s talk about me and my Halloween costume this year.”

Demi explained that she was an amoeba and her costume was designed by a designer who often makes dresses for drag queens. This resonated with Demi because she loves drag.

Demi shared, “I am making this outfit a tribute to my love of drag [and] my love of Drag Race.” Demi then explained the specific inspiration for her dress saying, “So let me explain an amoeba, that is a reference to RuPaul’s Drag Race…” 

One of the members on RuPaul’s Drag Race was asked what they were dressed as and they responded that they were an amoeba while wearing a dress that was cut and laced exactly like Demi’s costume with the bare behind showing in the back. 

Demi continued, “It’s a reference to that. It’s an iconic moment. This is all a tribute to my love, respect, appreciation, obsession with drag. So I’m so proud.”

Demi tells people to not worry about her nether regions 

Demi Burnett acknowledged that she’s not surprised by the backlash and people who had negative and even shaming responses towards her costume, however, there’s one thing she would not stand for. 

Getting indignant, Demi shared, “Where I draw the line is defamation of my vagina.”

Demi then proceeded to list out what people have been saying regarding her exposed dress. 

Some of these things included people saying they wouldn’t want to sit where she sat, saying they would want to vacate the vicinity of wherever her nether regions were, saying they bet she didn’t care if anyone saw her ‘hoohaa’, and even accusing her of giving people pink eye. 

Demi began to jump up and down and yell, “I will not stand for defamation of my vagina! My vagina was fine all night, no one saw it. I stood all night and even if I did have to sit I had a coat that I’d put down first.”

Amusedly, Demi then stated, “You know what? My vagina could probably cure all of the diseases in the world, so don’t you dare make her sound like she is unhygienic…Don’t you dare say you hope I didn’t get a yeast infection, because you are an idiot because you don’t even know how vaginas work.”

Then, after threatening to mess up anyone who didn’t put respect on her genital’s name, she concluded, “Talk s**t about me all you want but leave my f**king vagina out of it, okay? Leave the worrying about my vagina to me.” 

Finally, Demi dropped the mic and exited stage left having made her message loud and clear. 

Bachelor in Paradise is currently on hiatus on ABC. 

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