Debbie Aguero says Oussama is still trying to win her back

90 Day Fiance stars Oussama Aham and Debbie Aguero.
Debbie Aguero is still in contact with Oussama Aham. Pic credit: TLC

Debbie Aguero shared an update on her relationship with Oussama Aham, and now we’re side-eyeing the 67-year-old after what she just revealed.

According to Debbie, her ex-boyfriend has been trying to win her back with poetry, and now we’re wondering if there’s a chance of reconciliation.

We were proud of Debbie when she kicked her young lover to the curb — after finding out that his plan all along was to move to the US and become a famous artist.

While there’s nothing wrong with wanting that, the problem is he only revealed his plans after Debbie packed up her ten suitcases filled with wide-brimmed hats with the intent to live in Morroco.

That’s the premise of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, but clearly, no one explained that to Oussama.

Once Debbie found out that he had other plans for their lives, she told him to talk to the hand, then swiftly headed to the airport. Since then, Debbie has been in the US, but let’s hope she’s not online looking for tickets to Morroco.

Debbie Aguero says Oussama has sent her poetry as he tries to win her back

The TLC personality had a recent chat with Entertainment Tonight, and we were shocked that she hadn’t blocked her ex-boyfriend Oussama.

Debbie confessed, “He keeps contacting me and he’s back to sending me poetry.”

She also revealed that Oussama has apologized to her for his behavior, but she said a few things in the interview that have us thinking that it’s not over between them.

“Right now for me it’s friendship,” said Debbie. “But for Oussama, he’s thinking that you know, the future is gonna hold up and he’s going to be better.

Debbie reasoned that her trust for Oussama was broken and added, “There’s no romance now.”

The question is, could there be a romance later?

90 Day Fiance star Debbie Aguero says she still wants to help Oussama

During her chat, Debbie confessed that despite the betrayal, she still has the urge to help Oussama and his family.

She has grown close to his sister, whom we saw on the show, and she also reasoned that the family has been kind to her.

“It’s like, I want people to do better, even though he hurt me,” said Debbie. “It’s like, hey, is it wrong? Is it wrong for me to be spiteful back? No. Let me lead by example.”

From what we’re hearing, don’t be shocked if Debbie and Oussama return for another season, but let’s wait and see.

Do you think Debbie and Oussama will get back together? Sound off in the comment section below.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus on TLC and Discovery+.

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1 year ago

nope she should take him back he’s too young he wants her money