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Deavan Clegg sparks controversy with racism comments, 90 Day Fiance fans react

Deavan Clegg on 90 Day Fiance: The Other WAy
Deavan Clegg sparked controversy speaking about racism on Instagram Live. Pic credit: TLC

Deavan Clegg has managed to stir up quite a bit of controversy after a recent clickbait article shared in her Instagram Stories took aim at the current President of the United States and his administration. Then, when Deavan took a moment to address the article and how angry she was about it, she managed to upset even more of her fans.

The article, which has since been removed from her Instagram, included commentary on the current administration that many Trump supporters did not like regarding immigration and people of color. As Deavan herself later explained, there were also claims in that same article that the current administration contained members who are white nationalists.

Upon reading it, followers began messaging Deavan and leaving comments to let her know that if that’s how she really felt, they were no longer supporting her.

Deavan was quick to address the situation on Instagram Live, insisting that the article was posted while she was asleep and was actually shared on her Instagram by a social media company and not by her.

During her video, which was captured and shared by 90 Day blogger John Yates, she declined to share her own political beliefs but said that Jihoon is in fact a Trump supporter and they have “nothing against” the president.

“No matter who the president is, I’m going to support it. I don’t care who wins,” she added.

However, it didn’t take long for her to ruffle feathers again — when she posted a second part to her Instagram Live, sharing her thoughts on racism.

“I’m f***ing white and I’m not racist at all. I don’t believe America is racist. I think people say this s**t to start fights and start wars and s**t. It is stupid. I am so angry about this,” Deavan continued.

As the video played, Deavan talked more about her personal experiences back in Utah, claiming that she has seen very little racism and, because of that, she doesn’t think it even exists.

90 Day Fiance viewers and others were quick to comment. While some have been supportive, many others appeared appalled at her views.

With rumors that Deavan and Jihoon are returning for another season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, it should be interesting to see how fans react to her going forward.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is expected to return for Season 2 in 2020. 

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