Deavan Clegg says she’s been ‘pleading’ with Jihoon for a divorce but he won’t file the papers

Deavan Clegg wants a divorce. Pic credit; TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way might be on a break right now, but Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg have not taken a break from the drama.

The couple had a very rough time on the show this season and with each new episode, we saw the breakdown in their relationship.

Fans quickly noticed Deavan’s unfair treatment of her husband as she blamed him for everything that went wrong in their lives.

Adding to that stress was Clegg’s mom, Elicia who lived with the couple in Korea for a short time to help with the kids.

This put further strain on the young couple’s fragile relationship, as Elicia joined her daughter in the constant Jihoon bashing.

By the end of the season, news broke that the couple had called it quits – something we saw coming a mile away.

Deavan has a new boyfriend and wants a divorce

In case you had hopes of a reconciliation between Jihoon and Deavan, there’s little to no chance of that!

Deavan has already moved on to a new relationship and has been flaunting her boyfriend Topher on social media.

Just recently, Topher shared some steamy photos of himself and the 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way alum on his Instagram page.

It’s clear the couple is making strides in their relationship, but in order for them to take things to the next level, the 24-year-old wants a divorce from Jihoon.

But, it seems he’s in no hurry to grant this request.

Deavan says Jihoon won’t file for divorce

Deavan recently responded to a comment on social media bashing her for having a husband and a boyfriend at the same time. The IG commenter asked, “Couldn’t you [have] waited to get divorced first?”

The Utah native responded to the comment saying, ” I can’t file, Jihoon can. I’ve asked him for months and months because he knows I can’t.”

She added,” We’ve been separated for over six months and I’ve been pleading.”

Deavan Clegg says Jihoon won't file for divorce
Pic credit:@90day_fiance_gossip/Instagram

It’s not quite clear why Deavan would be unable to file for a divorce herself.

According to information online regarding divorce filings in Korea, foreigners are indeed allowed to obtain a divorce decree from the Korean court.

“Korean divorce law doesn’t treat foreigners differently. Foreign spouses who married Korean citizens and even foreign spouses who married non-Korean citizens can divorce in Korea.”

Additionally, “The Korean court will accept a divorce filing when the other spouse, i.e. the respondent, resides in Korea.”

If this is just a typical divorce case it’s unclear why Deavan needs Jihoon to file, but maybe we’ll get more insight into this in due time.

90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way is currently on hiatus on TLC.

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