Days of our Lives spoilers: Nicole tells Eric about Jude and the end of an era

Arianne Zucker as Nicole on Days of our Lives
Nicole rushes to tell Eric the truth about Jude. Pic credit: Peacock

Days of our Lives spoilers tease that fireworks are going off all over Salem next week.

Friday’s cliffhanger left viewers wondering what the fallout would be after Gabi (Cherie Jimenez) revealed that Jude was not EJ’s (Dan Feuerriegel) baby.

The preview video for Days gives us a juicy glimpse at what’s to come in Salem.

With July sweeps fully underway, plenty will cause viewers to talk for days.

Relationships are tested, secrets are revealed, and more.

Here’s what’s happening in Salem next week.

The fallout of Gabi’s revelation

In the Days of our Lives preview video, we see what happens as Nicole (Arianne Zucker) questions EJ About what Gabi shared during the press conference.

Stefan (Brandon Barash) looks on in horror as his wife reveals the bombshell that the baby Nicole just got back isn’t her husband’s.

Jude’s father, Eric (Greg Vaughan), is on his way out of town.

Nicole manages to catch Eric and tell him the news. Is this how Arianne exits Days — riding off with her baby and the man she has always loved?

Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, EJ is furious and plotting revenge on Stefan and Gabi. He’s as sinister as can be, so those two better watch their backs now that he’s lost everything.

Bill Hayes’ final episode airs

In what will undoubtedly be a bittersweet moment, Bill Hayes’ final episode as Doug Williams will air on July 11.

Bill passed away in January, right around when episodes filmed in that time frame would air. However, there is a six-to-seven-month delay in when events air because of the hit Peacock’s advanced filming schedule.

Doug and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) will share a final tender moment, fitting for what their relationship has brought to the show over the years. Their love shined through their characters, and Bill Hayes is dearly missed.

More Salem happenings

Last week, Chad (Billy Flynn) asked Paulina (Jackée Harry) for permission to exhume Abigail’s (formerly Marci Miller) grave.

She seemingly agreed as the Days of our Lives preview video shows an exhumation happening in the cemetery.

Spoilers teased that Jack (Matthew Ashford) was upset with Billy’s plan, and that tracks with the video. However, it seems he has come around as the process began. What will digging up Abigail lead to?

Be sure to tune in daily, as Salem’s fireworks are just starting.

Days of our Lives airs weekdays on Peacock.

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2 days ago

Is it too late to try to keep Adrianne Zucker on DOOL? This whole situation is stupid! Margy