Darcey’s daughter Aniko won this title in Miss Connecticut Teen USA

Aniko Bollok
Darcey’s oldest daughter Aniko participated in Miss Connecticut Teen USA and won a title. Pic credit: TLC

Darcey’s daughter Aniko participated in Miss Connecticut Teen USA for Middlesex County and may not have come out with the crown but did win a title that she’s proud of.

Aniko won Miss Photogenic and expressed her happiness with the win over social media, calling it a, “life changing experience.”

Aniko is 15-years-old and the oldest daughter of Darcey Silva. Darcey is very close with her two teenage girls and they are featured on Darcey & Stacey quite frequently.

Aniko’s foray into pageantry came as a surprise to fans because she never spoke about it on the show and her social media pages don’t specifically highlight this hobby/lifestyle.

Aniko is proud of the title she won at Miss Connecticut Teen USA

Aniko shared parts of the pageant she participated in to her Instagram story, including her introduction on the mic and another clip walking the stage in a different outfit.

After the live pageant videos, Aniko shared a selfie holding the trophy for Miss Photogenic with a caption describing her happiness over the win.

Aniko Bollok
Aniko shared some scenes from the pageant itself and a selfie describing how she felt about what she won. Pic credit: TLC

Aniko also included congratulation posts to the girls who won the top titles and also posted a sneak peek of the TikTok she made while getting ready to compete.

Aniko didn’t post anything about the pageant or her new title to her actual Instagram page, so followers couldn’t tell that she was in the pageant world just by looking at her Instagram.

Darcey shared Aniko’s TikTok sneak peek video on her own Instagram story.

Aniko will appear on Season 2 of Darcey & Stacey

Season 2 of Darcey & Stacey is set to come out later this summer and the first teaser trailer has already been already released.

It looks like there will be plenty of drama in Season 2 as it follows Darcey & Stacey, their relationships with their younger foreign men, and how they affect their family.

Darcey attempted to shield her daughters from her personal drama in Season 1 but still managed to make decisions that affected her daughters throughout the season.

Aniko and Aspen will surely be giving their opinions on their mother and her relationship throughout the next season just like they did in Season 1, so viewers can expect to see Darcey’s daughters in Season 2.

Darcey and Stacey Season 2 is set to premiere Summer 2021 on TLC.

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