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Danielle Jbali and Anna Campisi are feuding – Here’s why the 90 Day Fiance stars are taking shots

90 Day Fiance stars Danielle Jbali and Anna Campisi feuding.
90 Day Fiance stars Anna and Danielle had a heated exchange of words. Pic credit: Lifetime

Danielle Jbali and Anna Campisi are feuding and we reveal here why the 90 Day Fiance stars are taking shots at each other.

There is no love lost between these two women. That is for sure.

Another reality TV social media dispute is erupting, but it could all be chalked up to a case of mistaken identity. Well, if Anna and Danielle were to let it go, which neither one of them is doing at the moment.

The social media message that started the feud

Danielle did a swipe up social media message directing fans to an article featuring Anna’s photo and the headline “90 Day Fiancé star arrested.” There are a couple of reasons Anna took issue with the post.

First, when fans clicked on the link, the article was about Nicole Nafziger’s dad, Tyler Nafziger, being arrested. The second issue is that Anna has not been arrested. Her photo attached to the article is extremely misleading and damaging to Anna’s name.

Anna and Danielle’s war of words

Anna is rightfully upset by Danielle’s actions. She shared a video message via an Instagram Story. Anna clarified that there is no truth to claims she has been arrested recently.

The reality TV personality has been happily at home with her family. Anna also called out Danielle, telling her to get a life, as well as let fans know that Danielle shared the post for money.

It didn’t take long for Danielle to defend her actions and fire back at Anna by releasing a statement to In Touch Weekly.

“I understand where Anna is coming from, but I have no control what pictures and articles the company puts together,” Danielle shared with the magazine. She added that “She did message me, but I did not see her message until she tagged me in her story post. The company never said in the picture who the star was. They just used her picture, which came from the show.”

Danielle also made it clear she did not appreciate Anna calling her “trash” simply because she is trying to provide for her family.

Like many reality TV stars, Danielle promotes products and services on her social media accounts for money. She also feels that Anna should have been more understanding since Anna has done the same thing for money.

There are two sides to every story.

90 Day Fiance stars Danielle Jbali and Anna Campisi are both sticking to their sides concerning this social media feud.

Whose side on you are you on in the feud between Anna and Danielle?

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  1. Anna has more class and brains in her little finger than Danielle ever would! Don’t know why Danielle is pushing weight loss she looks no different!

  2. It’s pretty obvious from the show that Danielle has serious mental issues…it’s best to just steer clear of her and her drama.

  3. Anna all the way. I feel Danielle does not have a life, plus needs money!!! Pay her no attention. She could not be worth any body time. Love the pics of you and your new husband!!! See Danielle never did get married, did she Ooooo plus her man used her and dumped her like the trash she is…


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