Danielle Cabral lashes out at Ozempic users in profanity-laced rant

RHONJ star Danielle Cabral Instagram selfie
Danielle Cabral slams Ozempic users. Pic credit: @daniellecabralofficial/Instagram

Danielle Cabral is not just annoyed about the recent wave of Ozempic users– she’s downright angry!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey star took a firm stance when she lashed out at celebs and reality TV stars using the drug to lose weight.

In a profanity-laced rant, Danielle noted that her friend was unable to get her diabetic medication due to people using it as a fast track to slim down.

Meanwhile, one such user, Jenn Fessler, was sitting beside Danielle when she lashed out and told people to “run on a f**king treadmill.”

The newly slender RHONJ newbie explained to her castmate why she opted to use the controversial drug–or a variation of it– during the awkward interview.

Jenn is not the only Housewife from the Garden State who has taken Ozempic.

Dolores Catania has fessed up to using Mounjara– a similar injectable under a different name, and Margaret Josephs has also admitted to getting weekly injectables after debuting a much slimmer figure over the past few months.

Here’s why Danielle Cabral is furious with Ozempic users

Danielle Cabral expressed frustration over the widespread Ozempic use during a chat with Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea.

“I was with someone today, a very dear friend of mine, who actually needs it for medical reasons and cannot get it, because of this stupid bulls**t behavior,” said Danielle.

“I’m not saying you’re on it,” said Danielle, as she turned to Jenn, who was also on the panel. “She can’t get it, She can’t get it, so… run on a f**king treadmill.”

“I mean I’ve been running on a treadmill for 55 years,” retorted Jenn.

“So, I’ve been trying. I’ve been tortured, it’s been a mind f**k for me– my weight, and food for so many years– and this is the first time in my life that I’ve had some relief.”

RHONJ viewers take sides in Ozempic argument between Danielle Cabral and Jenn Fessler

After the clip was shared online, people had a lot of opinions about it.

Some people bashed Danielle and called her a “hypocrite,” but there were others who agreed with the mom of two.

“STFU DANIELLE! HYPOCRITE!” said one commenter.

“Wait… that’s rich coming from someone who just got a tummy tuck đź‘€,” added someone else.

One person warned, “Dont throw stones when u live in a tummy tucked glass house.”

RHONJ fans blast Danielle Cabral on Instagram
Pic credit: @rhonjobsessed/Instagram

However, one person sided with the RHONJ star and said “I’m a fat girl and I agree with Danielle 100%!!! Anything done unnaturally will come back in revenge.”

Another commenter reasoned “It’s so selfish for these women to take it from people who medically need it.”

“Agree with Danielle ppl are becoming lazy and just using a drug to work out but can’t take the time to work out,” said someone else.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus.

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