Danielle Busby’s illness: OutDaughtered star opens up about being sick, details ‘random’ symptoms

Danielle Busby on OutDaughtered.
Danielle Busby is sharing her health struggles. Pic credit: TLC

Danielle Busby is going through a different kind of journey this season on OutDaughtered. 

The mom of six is trying to figure out what is happening to her body after some very scary episodes over the last several months. 

Fans who follow Danielle on social media may be aware that she is experiencing health issues, but as of now, there is still no official diagnosis for her. 

What is wrong with Danielle on OutDaughtered? 

After watching the season premiere of OutDaughtered, viewers wanted to know more about what is happening with Danielle Busby. 

Several moments throughout the new season will include Danielle visiting doctor appointments, dealing with alarming symptoms, and more as she and her husband, Adam Busby, push to get to the bottom of what is affecting the reality TV star. 

While talking to People, Danielle and Adam opened up about what their journey has been like as they try and stay on top of whatever is happening to her. Without answers, things are scary for the couple. 

She said, “What I’m learning is that it’s an uphill journey of trying to discover some type of possible autoimmune disease.” Danielle went on to say, “So it’s not something that’s easily identified. [My] symptoms are so random and so extreme on certain days and like, a little bit more calm or relaxed on other days.”

What symptoms has Danielle Busby been dealing with?

As she continues to explain what it is like living in limbo, the symptoms Danielle Busby experiences are extreme and random. Finding the path to a diagnosis hasn’t been easy and she has been through a battery of tests as she seeks out and attends appointments from various doctors including a rheumatologist and a cardiologist. 

The OutDaughtered star was admitted to the emergency room last year after experiencing some sensations in her arms and legs that worried both her and Adam. As new symptoms pop up, they are evaluated and used to help point the specialists in a direction of answers. 

Currently, Danielle isn’t any closer to a diagnosis as she was when everything began a few months ago. Adam Busby has been sharing photos of their journey, and while they are sharing as much as they feel comfortable sharing, they are also asking for privacy. 

Being a wife and a mother of six little girls is what Danielle Busby is living for and while some days are hard for her, she is leaning on her faith and family. 

OutDaughtered airs Tuesday nights at 8/7c on TLC.

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