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D’Andra Simmons says upcoming drama with Mama Dee ranks among her least ‘proudest moments’ on RHOD

RHOD. star D'Andra Simmons says there will be tension between her and Mama Dee this season
D’Andra Simmons teases upcoming drama with her mom. Pic credit: Bravo

D’Andra Simmons is dishing about all the drama that will go down on The Real Housewives of Dallas this season.

And it seems there will be tension between her and her mother, Dee Simmons, or Mama Dee as she is affectionately known.

The mother/daughter duo have a very close relationship, but we’ve also seen them clash over the past few years.

Tensions were at an all-time high between the two women as Mama Dee refused to turn the family business over to her daughter.

However, when D’Andra finally took control of the company, she found out that it was in serious trouble.

But Luckily, D’Andra was able to turn things around.

Despite not having to fight over the family business anymore, it seems D’Andra and Mama Dee still have some issues to work through.

D’Andra teases drama with Mama Dee this season

Season 5 of The Real Housewives of Dallas recently premiered and with only two episodes in, things seem to be going well between Mama Dee and her daughter.

But, this might just be the calm before the storm, as the reality TV star teased upcoming drama with her mom.

During a recent chat with Hollywood Life, the brunette beauty didn’t want to give away too much.

However, she shared, “You’ll see that it’s not just the business that my mother and I have issues over.”

As for the source of those issues, the 51-year-old remarked, “…we have different ways of processing and thinking about things.”

“We don’t have that business and that kind of financial burden and that financial strain between the two of us, which has been such an incredible weight lifted off my shoulders. But that doesn’t mean there is no trouble in paradise, I’ll tell you that,” added Simmons.

The RHOD star shared that things between her and her mom are good now.

But she confessed that the drama that will play out between them, “Is one of my not proudest moments on the last four years of the show, honestly.”

D’Andra made mistakes this season

The Real Housewives of Dallas star was completely transparent during her chat with the media outlet.

And while expressing how bad she felt about the drama between herself and Mama Dee, Simmons also admitted that she will have some tension with all of her castmates this season.

But, she’s learning and growing from her mistakes.

“You’re gonna see me make some serious mistakes and you’re gonna see… how I handle it, and I think that’s what Housewives does for you,” shared D’Andra.


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