Dancing with the Stars Season 30 stars, ranked by judges’ scores

Dancing with the Stars Season 30 Disney night
Dancing with the Stars Season 30 Disney night. Pic credit: ABC

Dancing with the Stars Season 30 ended and fans voted for Iman Shumpert to win the Mirrorball trophy.

The win was a big one and was pushed by fans who believe that the winner should be who improved the most and not be based on who the best dancers were.

Iman Shumpert started off with very low scores, but he held on and kept improving.

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By Horror Week, he scored his first Perfect 10 and his two best dances were not traditional ballroom dances at all, but a contemporary and a freestyle, both scoring him a Perfect 10.

However, by the end of the competition, he ranked sixth in judge’s scores, based on the actual technical merit of each dance rather than the fans voting for their favorites.

With that in mind, here are all the competitors in Dancing with the Stars Season 30, ranked by the judges’ average scores, as well as videos of their best dances.

15. Martin Kove – 14.0

Martin Kove’s Cha Cha – Dancing with the Stars

Ranking at the very bottom was 75-year-old Cobra Kai actor Martin Kove. While he showed that he was a dancer in his younger days, he struggled on DWTS.

Kove had a performance dance first with his Paso doble, which picked him up a 13 and then was eliminated after his cha-cha-cha scored him a 15.

14. Brian Austin Green – 24.8

Brian Austin Green’s Waltz – Dancing with the Stars

Former Beverly Hills 90201 star Brian Austin Green had it tough from the start when he teamed with his real-life girlfriend Sharna Burgess.

The judges seemed harsh from the beginning, and even when the two did romantic dances, docked them points for being too romantic.

Brian and Sharna had the lowest scores for both the foxtrot and rumba, but the highest score for the waltz.

13. Christine Chiu – 25.7

Christine Chiu’s Tango – Dancing with the Stars

Reality star Christine Chiu came onto Dancing with the Stars and impressed the judges early. However, she was the second person eliminated by fan votes, which hurt her average score since she was there when no one was getting high scores.

The Bling Empire star picked up a 25 and 24 in her first two dances before she finished with a 21 on the night she was eliminated.

12. Matt James – 26.0

Matt James’s Paso Doble – Dancing with the Stars

Bachelor star Matt James finished Dancing with the Stars Season 30 in 12th place, which perfectly matched his 12th best average score.

In the competition, which ended in Disney Week, he had a low score of 20, but finished with a high score of 31 on his last night with his Paso Doble.

11. Kenya Moore – 29.3

Kenya Moore’s Rumba – Dancing with the Stars

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore finished the season in 10th place, which was actually one spot better than her average scores indicated.

Kenya Moore had seven dances and finished with an average of 29.3. Along the way, she had the highest score in the rumba, with a 36, and from Week 4 on, she had an average score of 31.75.

10. The Miz – 30.3

The Miz’s Paso Doble – Dancing with the Stars

WWE superstar The Miz was one of those Dancing with the Stars competitors who were getting better and trying hard every week. It wasn’t enough by the end, as he finished with the 10th average scores and was eliminated in ninth place.

After Week 3, Miz never had a score under 31, scoring a 31 and 34 in Disney Week, a 32 on Grease Night, and a 34 on his final dance, the Pasodoble, on Horror Night.

9. Mel C – 31.3

Melanie C’s Quickstep – Dancing with the Stars

When Mel C of the Spice Girls was eliminated, it was a huge shock. She had the ninth-best scores but was eliminated in 11th place.

That elimination came when she scored a season-high 36 for the quickstep, but the judges chose to keep Olivia Jade when they both reach the Bottom 2. There were actually four dancers who had lower scores that week than Mel and Olivia.

8. Jimmie Allen – 31.4

Jimmie Allen’s Contemporary – Dancing with the Stars

Country music sensation Jimmie Allen finished the competition in seventh place, with an average score that ranked eighth.

Jimmie actually pulled his average up in four straight dances, scoring a 25, 34, 38, and 38, before he stumbled in his final week with a 32. Jimmie’s back-to-back 38s were for the Viennese waltz and a contemporary dance.

7. Cody Rigsby – 32.1

Cody Rigsby’s Freestyle – Dancing with the Stars

Cody Rigsby was the one dancer that outlasted his judge’s scores. Cody had it tough from the start, missing two live shows due to COVID-19 and then returning for Disney Week with only two days to practice live with Cheryl Burke.

As a result, his average score was a low 32.1, which pulled up with his final two weeks of competition. His only perfect score was his freestyle, and he finished ranked seventh for judge’s scores but third in fan voting.

6. Iman Shumpert – 32.6

Iman Shumpert’s Contemporary – Dancing with the Stars
Iman Shumpert’s Freestyle – Dancing with the Stars

NBA star Iman Shumpert is the man who shocked the world when he won Dancing with the Stars. He had three Perfect 10s in the competition, but the rest of his scores were low enough to keep him ranked sixth for judge’s scores.

The difference of five places was the highest of the competition, as Cody Rigsby was second with four better than his judge’s scores.

5. Olivia Jade – 33.3

Olivia Jade’s Quickstep – Dancing with the Stars

Olivia Jade came into Dancing with the Stars Season 30 with a lot of controversy since she is a star known for her role in the College Admissions Scandal.

However, she won over fans and judges alike. She was eliminated in eighth place with the lowest fan votes of the night but had the fifth-best judge’s scores in the end.

She never had a perfect score but did finish with a 38 on Queen Night with her quickstep.

4. Suni Lee – 33.8

Suni Lee’s Samba – Dancing with the Stars

Suni Lee is an Olympic gold medalist, but it took her a few weeks to finally come out of her shell. Suni Lee survived a night where she was ill and returned the next week for her only perfect score on Janet Jackson night with a samba.

However, one week later, she was gone and finished in fifth place, with the fourth-highest score of the competition.

3. Melora Hardin – 34.1

Melora Hardin’s Paso Doble – Dancing with the Stars

Melora Hardin was someone eliminated much earlier than she deserved. It led her pro partner Artem to say that she was a victim of ageism for the voters at home.

She had the third-highest scores of the competition at 34.1, but she finished in sixth place, eliminated in the semi-finals when she had two 36 scores. That was also one week after she had a perfect 40 for her Paso doble.

2. Amanda Kloots – 35.9

Amanda Kloots’s Contemporary – Dancing with the Stars

Amanda Kloots finished the year with the second-highest judge’s score of the entire season. She had a 35.9 score, which was higher than three people who finished higher than her, including the winner, Iman Shumpert.

Amanda had three perfect scores on the season, but she somehow finished fourth behind Cody Rigsby.

1. JoJo Siwa – 36.9

JoJo Siwa’s Freestyle – Dancing with the Stars

JoJo Siwa came into the season as the favorite to win it all. She had previous dance training on Dance Moms but was also only 18 years old, one of the youngest competitors on the show this season.

JoJo had the highest judge’s score, one full point ahead of Amanda Kloots. JoJo and Jenna Johnson had perfect scores in weeks five and six, two more in the semi-finals, and two in the finals.

In the end, the highest judge’s score helped JoJo secure second place, losing out to only Iman Shumpert.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. Fans can expect it to return in late 2022.

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1 year ago

They need to do away with the public voting as it has become a popularity contest, not a dance contest. AND GET RID OF TYRA!

1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

It has always been a popularity contest. It just so happens that sometimes fans and judges agree.
I think even the judges votes are affected by their liking a person and giving not so accurate scores on couples on occasion.

Carol A Parker
Carol A Parker
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I totally agree!