Dancing with the Stars boss explains the controversial format change of Season 32

derek hough face shot from 2020 Power of Love Gala at Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
Derek Hough returns as a DWTS judge. Pic credit: ©

Since Dancing with the Stars has been around for so many seasons, viewers have grown accustomed to how the show runs.

Interestingly enough, the show’s boss decided to make a major format change recently.

One of the women in charge of Dancing with the Stars is named Deena Katz.

Back in the day, the judges’ save mechanic became a highly controversial topic of conversation.

It allowed the judges to override public votes on final decisions about who should get kicked off.

As of Season 32, this particular format from the show has been completely removed.

Why did Deena Katz get rid of the judges’ save mechanic?

When asked by TVLine about why Dancing with the Stars removed the judges’ save mechanic, Deena gave an honest response.

She explained that America’s voice should be the most important voice of all. It’s not all about the judges!

If the judges were to save a dancing duo that America isn’t interested in, it could mess with viewership numbers.

Since show producers like Deena are heavily interested in ensuring viewership stays up, it makes sense that she would settle on this format change.

Change always impacts the DWTS judges

Judges will be impacted by the format change when Dancing with the Stars Season 33 premieres on ABC.

Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, and six-time DWTS champion Derek Hough are set to judge the upcoming season.

Fans of the show should already be familiar with Carrie, Bruno, and Derek – they’ve successfully taken on these roles for a while now.

Even if they fall head over heels for a dancing duo, they won’t be able to override votes from the American public at any point moving forward.

Dancing with the Stars judges aren’t the only people involved who have to follow specific rules, though.

The actual contestants also have a handful of guidelines to keep up with.

Celebrities aren’t allowed to reveal that they’ve been cast until the first episode premieres on television.

They also can’t choose the person they dance with, even if they have a special someone in mind.

The producers of Dancing with the Stars strategically pair dancers up based on compatibility, height, and individual personality traits.

Stay tuned for the new season of DWTS, as we will pass on the new cast information as soon as ABC announces it.

Dancing with the Stars Season 33 is on hiatus at ABC and Disney+.

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