Dale Moss shares story about his ex-girlfriend after reportedly spending time with Clare Crawley

Dale Moss
Dale Moss is talking about an ex-girlfriend. Pic credit: ABC

Dale Moss is a name that will continue to make headlines once The Bachelorette premieres in October.

The world hasn’t met Dale yet, as the season has yet to air, but he’s rumored to be the man who caused Clare to halt production after 12 days.

They are reportedly engaged and happy.

But he hasn’t shared anything on his social media. He’s back on Instagram, where he’s going live almost daily.

And yesterday, he shared a few throw-back images from his life before The Bachelorette.

Dale Moss shares a story about an ex-girlfriend

On Instagram, Dale shared photos from his time on the football field, his early modeling days, and shared some pictures from fun campaigns he has done.

One of those happened to be from Target.

“First modeling campaign was with Target after signing with Wilhelmina while still playing,” he writes on the photo.

Dale Moss
Pic credit: @dalemoss13/Instagram

And that’s when he mentions his ex-girlfriend.

“My girlfriend at the time (later worked for Target) said I probably couldn’t model with a top agency because I needed to have braces. All love just a funny story,” he shared.

He didn’t mention her by name.

He also mentions that the story is being shared in good fun, as a memory of his first time modeling for Target. It does not seem like a dig or a distraction for Bachelorette fans to guess that it wasn’t with Clare.

Dale Moss supposedly went to Sacramento for Clare

We all know Dale and Clare found love if rumors and spoilers are to be believed. Since the show hasn’t aired yet, they can’t go public with their romance.

However, Reality Steve has reported that they are engaged.

This week, Dale suddenly stopped posting on social media. Fan accounts guessed he left New York where he had been since leaving The Bachelorette resort in La Quinta, California.

Clare started posting a bit more, including a story of her watching television. Fans started guessing that they were hanging out watching Halloween movies together at a secret location.

After two days, Dale was spotted on social media again, and it appears that he was back in New York City. It’s not unheard of that Bachelor couples hiding out in secret see one another.

Previous couples have hung out in secret locations, worn wigs, or traveled separately to avoid being spotted together and spoiling the show.

The Bachelorette premieres Tuesday, October 13 at 8/7c on ABC.

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