Dale Moss reveals he was worried about his connection with Clare Crawley

Dale and Clare
Dale Moss was worried about his connection with Clare Crawley. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelorette star Dale Moss spoke out tonight after wrapping up the show.

Last week, the final episode of Clare Crawley’s journey on The Bachelorette aired, as Clare sent home all the men because she couldn’t stop thinking about Dale.

She seemed borderline obsessed with him, and Chris Harrison told her she couldn’t continue on like that.

She sent the guys home, and Dale was confronted with the chance to propose to Clare. He went through with it, and they are happily engaged.

Dale Moss reveals he was worried Clare Crawley wouldn’t like him on The Bachelorette

But during tonight’s episode, Dale and Clare sat down with Chris Harrison to talk about their relationship.

Chris wanted to sit down with the couple because Bachelor Nation had so many questions about them. They felt cheated as if Dale and Clare had a connection prior to the show.

Dale admitted that while he heard through the grapevine that Clare had felt she had met her future husband when they met outside the resort, he was truly worried that Clare wouldn’t like him.

He revealed he was thrilled about their connection after the first couple of nights, but he wasn’t quite sure if Clare would like him for him.

However, Dale reveals that all the time and attention made him confident, sharing that he knew within days that he wasn’t going anywhere.

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley deny speaking prior to the show

During tonight’s interview with Chris Harrison, a couple of questions surfaced. Fans wanted to know if they had lied about their relationship because they had such a strong connection.

Clare and Dale both denied that they had chatted prior to the show, even though fans believe that the two chatted on social media during the coronavirus shutdown.

Clare has already revealed that only one person reached out to her during the production shutdown. That person was Blake Moynes, who wanted to check in with Clare after she revealed that her mother had fallen and broken her nose.

Even though Dale was worried throughout filming about his spot with Clare, viewers never questioned her dedication to him

After a Dale-obsessed episode aired, fans started to change their minds about Clare.

First, fans were excited about seeing a strong and confident woman, but after a couple of episodes, viewers wanted her journey to end fast so they could follow Tayshia Adams instead.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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