Daisy Kent said this Bachelor star slid into her DMs

Daisy Kent selfie
Daisy Kent is on Season 28 of The Bachelor. Pic credit: @daisyykent/Instagram

Daisy Kent is one of 32 women introduced on the Season 28 premiere of The Bachelor.

She’s a standout for Joey Graziadei’s season, and so far, viewers seem to love her.

Daisy is hearing impaired and wears a cochlear implant to listen to what’s going on around her.

She’s not the first Bachelor lady to bring awareness to hearing loss.

Abigail Heringer came before her and even gave some advice to the rising Bachelor star.

Now, it seems everyone wants to know more about Daisy, and she’s happily sharing about herself.

Daisy Kent reveals which Bachelor alum sent her a message

During a quick Q&A session with the Bachelor Nation website, Daisy Kent revealed that one of the most notorious Bachelor stars slid into her DMs.

Now, it’s unclear exactly what the message was about because Daisy didn’t elaborate — she just gave us a name.

And that name was Ben Higgins!

Because Ben is a married man, we have to assume that he was very likely wishing her well on her season or trying to get her to be a guest on his Almost Famous podcast hosted by Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti.

However, we don’t really know what the content of their conversation was since Daisy didn’t give any more details than just to say that the “most famous person” who has slid into her DMs or followed her on social media is, in fact, Ben Higgins.

It’s safe to say that she’ll likely be getting messages and follows from more famous people after her run on The Bachelor is over.

Daisy Kent is opening up about hearing loss and The Bachelor mansion

After the Season 28 premiere of The Bachelor, Daisy Kent took to Instagram to talk about how “overwhelming” it was to be in the mansion surrounded by women talking.

Because of her cochlear implant, she can hear a lot. However, she still depends on familiarity with the mannerisms and facial expressions of those around her to fully understand them.

With a clip of The Bachelor playing behind her, she illustrated just how tough it can be to hear those around her, especially when multiple women are talking at once.

Things should get easier for Daisy as she gets to know the women around her and as more and more of them go home, which will help with the level of noise she’s having to deal with.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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