Daisy Kent admits The Bachelor mansion noise ‘can be a little bit overwhelming’

Daisy Kent's The Bachelor promo photo
Daisy Kent is opening up about being hearing impaired in The Bachelor mansion. Pic credit: Disney/Richard Middlesworth

Daisy Kent is among the 32 women who entered The Bachelor mansion hoping to find love with Joey Graziadei.

She’s making history as the second hearing-impaired contestant to join the show, and she’s bringing awareness just like Abigail Heringer, who came before her.

Like Abigail, Daisy also has a cochlear implant, which means she can hear.

Also, like Abigail, she’s been busy sharing how her hearing loss and implant affect her journey on The Bachelor.

After all, it’s a bit different for her than it is for the other women, who might be used to dealing with crowds of people all talking at once.

For Daisy, it can be a bit overwhelming, which she talked about after the Season 28 premiere episode aired.

Daisy Kent opens up about the noise factor when dealing with 31 other women in a small area

Daisy Kent took to Instagram after The Bachelor premiere to share what her experience was like in the mansion.

She shared a clip of herself mingling with other women while inside. In the clip, one woman is talking about how surreal it is to finally be there, and you can see Daisy say, “Hmm?”

“Notice how I said ‘hmm?” Daisy said while speaking over a green screen of her Bachelor moment.

“For me, walking into a big room and there’s a lot of voices and a lot of noises bouncing off the wall no matter where I am, it can be a little bit overwhelming because there’s so much sound coming in from different areas,” she explained.

She went on to talk about how it is difficult to understand what people are saying when she doesn’t know them well and doesn’t know their mannerisms yet.

While pointing to her cochlear implant, which she often wears openly without trying to hide it, she said, “Although this is amazing, it can still be overwhelming at times.”

The Bachelor viewers call out this cringe casting

So far, The Bachelor viewers seem to love Daisy Kent, but they aren’t feeling everyone on the cast this season.

One thing many have been complaining about on social media is the casting of sisters Lauren and Allison.

The Philadelphia natives couldn’t keep their relationship a secret and made a big premiere night reveal to the women in the mansion and then to Joey, who also admitted that it was kind of awkward to be dating two sisters.

We are looking at production, though, who clearly knew there would be big opinions about this twist and took the opportunity to stir the pot a bit.

Whether or not the sister contestants will cause drama is yet to be seen, but there has already been plenty of commentary about whether or not they should have joined the show together.

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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