Craig Conover disputes Southern Charm ‘tea’ as Madison LeCroy says ‘Get your popcorn’

Madison LeCroy at Season 9 reunion
Madison LeCroy teased more drama in Season 10 of Southern Charm. Pic credit: Bravo

Season 10 of Southern Charm is nearly wrapping up; very little about it is still known.

The season should be iconic, right? With 10 seasons of a show, there should be plenty of drama and a supreme cast.

However, we know that Olivia Flowers won’t be back, and it seems Salley Carson is swooping in to replace her.

Instagram account Queens of Bravo dropped some tea about what they know to be true for Season 10 of Southern Charm.

While some of it wasn’t really “tea,” they revealed tension between Craig Conover and Austen Kroll. It’s reportedly due to Paie DeSorbo, which is interesting.

There was allegedly a meltdown from Craig over the weekend that could have something to do with the tension and the girlfriend.

Craig Conover responds to refute, then deletes comment

Interestingly enough, Craig Conover commented on the Queens of Bravo post but deleted the comment within hours.

The account Comments By Bravo caught the comment, and now it lives on.

Craig disputed the events’ validity in the Instagram post, writing, “None of this is true.”

Madison LeCroy teases drama

While Craig Conover’s comment may have disappeared, Madison LeCroy came in clutch with her own comment.

Though some may dispute it, she has held down the show for at least two seasons. Madison is the narrator, and her relationship with Miss Patricia Altschul is unmatched.

Madison said viewers should “Get your popcorn 😈 she’s back!!!!”

Madison LeCroy comment
Madison LeCroy teases drama ahead. Pic credit: @queensofbravo/Instagram

One of the pieces of information from Season 10 teased that JT would be coming for Brett Randle. Madison is protective of her own (as we saw last season with her son), and she isn’t going to let anyone mess with her family.

It will be interesting to see what JT would want with Brett, as he’s been mainly in the background and not filming even close to what Madison is or has in the past.

The blonde beauty knows how to bring the drama and stir the pot, which is why she has remained steady on Southern Charm since being introduced as Austen Kroll’s girlfriend.

When the Charmers return later this year, it will be interesting to see what happened (or didn’t) between Craig Conover and Austen and if JT really comes for Brett.

We are ready for what the Charmers are bringing for Season 10, especially if Madison says we need popcorn!

Southern Charm is currently on hiatus.

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17 hours ago

I’m a huge fan of Southern Charm. I’m Pro Austin and Taylor! Craig has straightened ip his life, for now, but it’s hard to forget the bullying of Austin when he was with Madison. Madison appears to have turned her life around since getting married, but she had no business to shame Taylor the way she did! Madison is far from having a lilly white past. She needed to stay in her own lane, for a change.JT has an awful big mouth for such a small guy! Uf anyone has “Little Man Syndrome” it’s JT! I have one word to describe Chip, it’s Asshole! And as far as Olivia is concerned, she needs therapy and alot of it!