Controversial MAFS alum Chris Williams calls out ‘disgusting’ treatment of reality TV stars

MAFS alum Chris Wiliams screenshot
Chris Williams defends reality TV stars. Pic credit: Lifetime

Controversial Married at First Sight alum Chris Williams recently defended a Netflix star who’s currently getting dragged on social media for comparing herself to Megan Fox.

However, he probably should have sat that one out, because now he’s getting blasted online.

Just when we had all but forgotten about Chris’ behavior on the show — but not really — he reignited the critics with his latest comment.

It all started when the Atlanta native responded to a post on social media mocking Love is Blind Season 6 contestant Chelsea Blackwell.

Chris lashed out at the “disgusting” treatment of reality TV personalities and called the critics “miserable.”

If there’s one person who knows about TV backlash, it’s Chris, who easily became the biggest villain in MAFS history when he married Paige Banks.

We won’t rehash all the drama that went down, but let’s just say Chris owes Paige, and us, a lot of money for therapy after his antics on the show.

After getting dragged left and right, Chris took some time away from social media and deleted his Instagram page, but he’s been back for quite some time, and now he’s making headlines again.

Controversial MAFS alum Chris Williams slams ‘disgusting’ treatment of reality TV stars

Chelsea Blackwell found herself on The Shade Room’s Instagram page, and people instantly took to the comments to mock her.

However, she had an unlikely person in her corner, former MAFS star Chris Williams.

“I’m going to say this and I’m out. The way social media treat reality tv personalities is disgusting,” he wrote.

The Atlanta entrepreneur noted that the storylines on reality TV shows are “fake and for entertainment” despite people taking them at face value.

“It is not fair to her, but yall don’t care because a lot of yall are miserable lol,” he added.

Chris Williams Instagram comment
Pic credit: @theshaderoom/Instagram

Chris Williams dragged over his recent comments

Meanwhile, Chris’s comments didn’t go unnoticed by MAFS fans and they proceeded to drag him on Instagram.

“You should be the last one to talk,” wrote one commenter,

“Chris, sit this one out,” exclaimed someone else.

One person told him, “You’re mad at the world bcuz you chose to go on reality tv with your issues when you should’ve been going to a therapist……Are you allergic to accountability or just addicted to attention?”

Chris Williams blasted on Instagram
Pic credit: @theshaderoom/Instagram

Someone else added, “Y’all choose to get on the show, knowing y’all want clout and then cry that’s it’s fake when y’all get chewed up for looking dumb.”

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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