Commit or Quit exclusive: Judge Lynn Toler talks about new show

Judge Lynn Toler
Judge Lynn Toler answers interview questions about her new show. ©

You might know Judge Lynn Toler from her fourteen-year stint as the judge on Divorce Court or for her more recent presence on Marriage Boot Camp.

While she was a co-host with Dr. Ish on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, she is now branching out as a solo host once again.

Judge Toler is starting her very own show, called Commit or Quit, which premieres tonight, May 12, 2022, on WEtv, at 10/9 central.

What will Commit or Quit be about?

The show will include four couples who are trying to decide whether they should stay married/keep dating, or if their relationship should end, either by divorce or breaking up.

When interviewed, Judge Toler answered some questions about her past show Marriage Boot Camp, as well as what her new show will entail.

She revealed that Commit or Quit is different from Marriage Boot Camp in a couple of major ways. She stated, “It’s forever different. Number 1, it’s regular folks.”

Judge Toler went on to also say when talking about the two shows’ differences and the couples on the show, “Ain’t nobody happy, but can’t nobody go. I go in, figure out what they ought to do – either separate or marry. And if I decide they should go ahead and get married, I marry them on the spot, legally.”

What did Judge Lynn Toler say the most surprising parts were?

When Judge Toler was asked what the most surprising thing she saw while watching the surveillance video was, her answer was shocking, as she exclaimed, “There was a little more sex than I wanted to see.”

She also stated that there were two couples who surprised her because at the beginning she thought no way would they last, but by the end of the process, she was actually rooting for them to make it.

Who challenged Judge Toler the most?

Judge Toler was asked which of the four couples challenged her the most, and her answer was immediate and emphatic when she shouted out, “London and Andre! Period. End of story. London and Andre. London and Andre. London and Andre!”

She revealed what viewers could take away from Commit or Quit when she stated, “They will see what it is to be a couple and have a healthy relationship.” She added when talking about viewers, “People get stuck doing the same things and I require them to interrupt the pattern … and do so intelligently.”

Commit or Quit airs on Thursday nights at 10/9c on WEtv.

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