Colin MacRae opens up about ’emotionally draining’ anchor dragging incident on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Colin MacRae from Below Deck Sailing Yacht gets real about tense anchor dragging incident on show.
Colin reveals just how close Parsifal III came to being shipwrecked. Pic credit: Bravo

Colin MacRae has opened up about the anchor dragging incident on Below Deck Sailing Yacht, calling it emotionally draining and sharing the severity of it too.

The most recent episode saw the Parsifal III crew rushing to save the sailing yacht from ending up in a shipwrecked situation. Deckhand Tom Pearson was on anchor watch as the squall developed.

Tom recently spilled it’s a game-changing moment for him on the show. Captain Glenn Shephard threw shade at Tom while discussing the scary incident.

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It’s Colin’s turn to shed light on what happened and just how close Parsifal III was to becoming shipwrecked.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Colin MacRae opens up about the ’emotionally draining’ anchor dragging incident

The hunky chief engineer got honest about his experience salvaging shipwrecked boats in an Instagram post. Colin recalled a time when he and a friend were desperately trying to keep a sailboat afloat. He recalled how things quickly took a turn, and he had to be picked up by a tugboat.

After sharing his story, Colin reflected on what went down on Below Deck Sailing Yacht.

“Anyway, for those of you that saw yesterdays below deck sailing episode, us being stuck on the sand like that could have very easily led to us becoming a shipwreck. What seems like only minutes, in the episode, was actually an hour of us battling the elements to try [to] get the boat off the bottom. We had tug boats on the way, but the response of the captain and crew was phenomenal,” the Bravo personality wrote n part of a lengthy caption.

Colin revealed how the sailing yacht managed to power through the sand, which caused the engines to overheat. The chief engineer revealed he had to ask Captain Glenn to reduce the RPM, even though doing so would cause the vessel to be pushed higher on the beach by the waves.

It was the best option in Colin’s mind. Otherwise, the engines would have been lost, leaving the sailing yacht shipwrecked.

Colin sheds light on the toll the incident took on him

Along with discussing how he handled things, Colin gave his followers a look at just how taxing the situation was for the crew. Colin shared a video of him lying on the control room floor, completely exhausted, as Parsifal III made its way back to the dock.

“Just wanted to share my little insight into the severity of what some of you have watched, and just how physically and emotionally draining that day was, all the while still being on a f*king charter!!! I took this video absolutely exhausted, lying on the control room floor as we motored back to the dock,” he expressed.

Colin MacRae from Below Deck Sailing Yacht also revealed the crew tried hard to drown their sorrows later that night, as viewers saw. Although there was plenty of drama on the crew night out, Colin revealed nothing will ever wipe away the memory of the scary morning.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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