Clayton Echard shares his advice for Zach Shallcross as the next The Bachelor lead

Clayton and Zach
Clayton Echard reveals his advice for Zach ahead of the airing of his season. Pic credit: ABC

As the baton has officially been handed over, Clayton Echard has a few words of wisdom for new Bachelor Zach Shallcross ahead of his season’s airing.

Clayton memorably had a difficult time as The Bachelor lead earlier this year, mainly when he ended things with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia after telling them both he loved them towards the end.

While Clayton may not have had the most successful time in the franchise, he said that from edits and trailers he’s seen of Zach’s season so far, it seems as if Zach is on a better path.

Fans will remember Zach as one of Rachel Recchia’s top contenders during the most recent season of The Bachelorette, where he was sent home after an awkward night in the fantasy suite.

During a recent Bachelor Happy Hour podcast appearance, Clayton revealed that he has not spoken to Zach directly in terms of being the Bachelor. Still, he would be open to offering some words of wisdom if he reached out.

Although Zach has already wrapped up filming, his season of The Bachelor will premiere on Monday, January 23, on ABC.

Clayton Echard reveals his advice for new Bachelor Zach Shallcross

While speaking to former Bachelorettes Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young, Clayton said his “line is always open” to Zach regarding reaching out.

“If he wants to reach out, if he ever wants to talk, I’m here,” Clayton said. “But I’ve been hearing really great things about him and how I think he’s navigated it a little bit better, so I’m ready to pass it off to him.”

Clayton continued to joke that he entered his season as a “complete trainwreck” and that it’s now Zach’s turn to “elevate the bar.”

Clayton said that his journey helped him get advice from former Bachelor Nation leads such as Michelle and Becca, and he advised Zach to utilize those who have been through the experience.

“I think perspective and insight helped me tremendously because I realized, ‘Oh wait, I’m not alone in this and I will go through this period of struggling and I will face these comments but just as they got through it, I will too,'” he explained.

What should Bachelor Nation expect in the upcoming season of The Bachelor?

As always, new previews for Zach’s upcoming season show no shortage of drama between the many contestants in the house and the leading man himself.

While Clayton believes Zach’s season will most likely end better than his did, one teaser ends with Zach sobbing outside of the Bachelor mansion while saying, “I was not expecting that s**t.”

However, Zach is at least off to a good start at the beginning of the season, as America chose contestant Brianna as his first impression rose winner during the recent Bachelorette reunion.

As we wait for Zach’s season to begin in just over a month, fans can take a look at our Top 10 most shocking moments from all Bachelor franchise shows this past year.

The Bachelor premieres on Monday, January 23, on ABC.

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